Saturday, March 30, 2013

Sidelined a something cool.

Well I am bummed.    I have severe shin splints.  I am sure it was from the half marathon last weekend and the training up until then.  I spent many miles on my treadmill and the belt is slipping a bit so my steps are jerking around.  I have had slight shin splints when I first started running and my chiropractor fixed them but these are a whole different pain.  I have been foam rolling and putting my legs up after I run but this week they have been KILLING ME!

I have only run 1.5 miles all week and it hurt.  I am extra upset about this because I had a virtual 5k and 10k on the schedule.  They were for Jess's 3rd Annual Jelly Bean and I needed to get them done by tomorrow but I do not think it will happen.  I have been watching videos about how to treat shin splints and have been working out my legs plus I plan to get new shoes even though my current ones only have 155 miles on them.  Thing is they are the only ones I have been wearing recently since they help with my neuromas.....I thought I was finally going to be able to run with out pain...... guess not.  I have a half marathon next Sunday too....and one on 5/5.  I do have a stationary bike thanks to my friends Regina and Greg who gave me theirs.

One good thing is that my furniture came!!!!  
The couch came Wednesday and the chair came today.  

Need a smaller coffee table

 Now for something super cool!  One of the first running blogs I read was Running, Loving & Living not only is Toni a great blogger but she lives less than a half an hour from me so it was cool to see pictures of places and posts about places/races I have run.  Well Toni is a Brand Ambassador for Cheribundi Cherry Juice and thanks to her I have been given a case of the juice to drink for a week and review.  I will start tomorrow and see how I feel during the week and see if it helps my half next weekend.  Once I do the review there will be a surprise. 

I am not sure if my box has all these flavors because I haven't opened it yet.

I start by drinking two bottles tomorrow and then one a day for the week.  I have tried this juice before and I do already know it is delish so if nothing else I will have yummy drinks all week :)

Does anyone have any tips on how to write my review, what to look for and include?  Have you reviewed anything on your blog?  What did you make sure to talk about?

Monday, March 25, 2013

AllState NY 13.1 Recap

As many of you may know I was very nervous about this race.  I had only run 1 half marathon before and it did not end well.  That was 5 months ago and I for sure have been running more but after my disastrous 10 mile race in January I was beyond nervous.  Then to add to my nerves the weather here in NY is not typical end of March weather...more like mid February weather. 

Annnnyyy who....I also did not want to go alone so thankfully my friend Danielle was going and she said I could ride with her and her friend Denise.  I drink a lot of water anyway but I cut out most of my tea Friday and ate well.  I made some overnight oats on Friday before going to bed early so to not have the stomach issues I had last time eating things I don't usually eat.  So at 5:45am on Saturday I showed up to Danielle's house a bundle of nerves.

Denise got there at 6 and off we went.  The ride in was nice even when a woman almost took off the side of the car when she decided at the last second that the middle lane was not where she wanted to be she was getting off the highway right then.....luckily Denise has catlike reflexes and was able to avoid getting hit but it didn't help the adrenaline!  The race is at a pretty iconic place.  Corona Park in Flushing Meadows, there were 2 Worlds Fairs there and it has the cool Unisphere.

We got there pretty early so getting our packets took all of 2 minutes then we hit up the ladies room and went back to the car to get ready.  I talked to my friend Christine who was also running and we planned on meeting at the start line because she was in a different parking lot.

At 8:30 we headed out to the ladies room again and the start line...IT WAS FREEZING!!  I took the only pictures I would take at the start line, I thought I would take a lot like at the Diva but it was too cold sorry.

Denise & Danielle

Danielle and me as you can see I am shivering SO COLD

Denise and I

YAY Christine found us!!!

Starting line
Now Denise said she would like to run together and I didn't want to say No but I was so nervous that I was going to hold her back or trying to keep up I was going to get too tired too fast but we both said that we would not push too hard and she would be fine with me doing my Galloway 4:1 that I planned on doing after mile 1.  I am glad we did, we just had a nice time together and when she was feeling good and wanted to go a little faster she did, no big. 

Around mile 7 I heard my name and it was Denise coming up behind me, I assumed it was Christine lapping me but Denise had stopped to pee so I was able to catch up to her.  We stayed together for awhile and then off she went, I was able to keep her in my sights for the rest of the race but the winds were really kicking my ass the second time around the lake.  I really felt like I was not even moving a few times.  I kept up with the Galloway 4:1 for most of the race, I got off track a few times because when my watch beeped it was for a mile marker not telling me to change to walk or run and I did change LOL.  The last 2 miles I did walk a bit more and I did walk through every water stop but I think the wind and the cold were my biggest enemies this time.  The zipper on my jacket was starting to rub a mole I have on my clavicle but unzipping was too cold....finally at mile 12ish I thought to put one of my gloves tucked into my shirt to stop the rubbing, it worked.  I finished just 1:30ish later than my last time but I felt so much better after I was not mad at all.  I was actually able to smile.

2:41:26 Finish
I was pretty bummed that they ran out of the silver wraps to keep warm after and bananas the 2 things I was looking forward to the most...those and no more running LMAO.

So when I got back to the car I had to take a picture of my medal for Instagram of course.....I love it but I do with there was some sort of thing to show this was the NY stop of the series.

I saw that I had a bunch of missed calls from a few NJ numbers.....we were getting our new living room furniture delivered today so that was not a good sign....they have rescheduled on us a few times now (We ordered on 2/13).  So first I called my husband to see if all went well.  He said it didn't come yet so I listened to my voice mail...1 was driver asking why were were not answering the door and 2 Pottery Barn saying driver was there and no one was home.  I called back and said they had not come but the customer service person called the driver and he described my house to a T.  Sooooooooooooo even though my husband was home and awake he did not hear a furniture trunk stopped in front of the house or the delivery guys knocking.

So this is what I came home to.....

I wasn't mad it is just really cant make this shit up can you.  I wish I had thought to change the contact number to the house number knowing I was going to be running when the delivery was happening.  But I did still kind of feel like a scene from one of my favorite movies ever.......

AAAAHHHHH We've been robbed!!!!

Even though I felt OK after it was over this time I came to the realization that I don't really like this distance.  It takes me 2.5+ hours to do it and I get bored.  I think that after I do the 4 more I am registered for this year I will only do this distance maybe once a year and only fun/special ones.  I also and 99.9% sure I will never do a full marathon.  The training for it would be too much and then spending 6+ hours out on the course it just too much.  I just wish there were more 10k's around.  Now THAT is my favorite distance.

What is your favorite distance?

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Bondi Band Winners!!!!

Congratulations!!!!  To Delana Peak, Lisa Codignotto and Dawn Marie Mims Farinella!!!

Please send me an email to and let me know your color preference order. Also include your mailing address.

Thank you to everyone who entered!!  I appreciate that you would be willing to run with my name on your head :)  XOXOXO

Tuesday, March 19, 2013


If you have followed my blog or FB page you know I love Bondi Bands since I sweat like...well you know I sweat A LOT (it is gross)!  Ever since I got my first one I do not run or go to yoga without one!!!

Exhibits A, B & C

AAAANNNNNYYYYWWWWAAAAAAYYYYYYY...I got one made a few weeks ago with a lollipop and Running on Candy.  It is so cute and I am still waiting on an actual logo for this blog so it works.  So I ordered a few more and figured I would give them away as the promised that narcissistic to give away headbands with my blog's name on it?

Well here they are, I tried to be somewhat gender neutral in case a guy wanted one as they do work for guys too.  Now Bondi Band did not give these to me I bought them and the opinions are mine.

You like?
Well I will choose 3 winners and in the order they get back to me they can choose the color they want.
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good Luck!! 

Why are Mondys so hard?? LOL

Well first lets talk about my 5k on Sunday.  It was the Eagle 5k held at Adelphi College.  It was the 1st annual and lets just say they have quite a few growing pains to work out if they do it again.  It was a cold and windy morning and we did 2 laps of the parking lots.  I understand why the parking lots but ANY other part of the campus is so much prettier.  There were many volunteers to direct us who were great but there was not one water stop along the course.  It was very windy and dry so that is not a great idea in my opinion.  Then after the finish line you had to walk across the field to get water.  I think that water should be AT the finish line, especially if there is none along the course!  There were also no awards, I don't even think there were overall awards!  I couldn't find where the times were posted and there was no info as to where to go after.  (This is probably why people were WALKING in the race course after they finished while people were still running and had to go around them - not walkers, FINISHERS just wandering along with no mind for the rest of us who had not yet finished!)  I was happy with my time of 33:26 but I will not be running this race ever again.

If this was Mondays I would love for it to be Monday everyday .... Le sigh 10th Doctor I miss you.

Now as for Monday it was VERY Monday!  If you are my Facebook friend you already know that I got out of the shower, got dressed, put on my shoes and scarf and was looking in the mirror to check my hair and realized I did not have pants on!!!  I wish I was kidding but really happened!

I didnt take a picture but I was going to post one I found online but I was disturbed by how many pictures of people with no pants on riding the subway there were....EwwE apparently that is a 'thing'

I got home and knew I was going to be running a 10k on my treadmill as it was too flipping cold outside to run yet again.....stupid spring where the f%*k are you?!?!?  My footpod has been off so I was going to calibrate it before I ran so I changed, threw a load of laundry in the washer and ran.....what step did I miss?  Oh that's right the calibration step.  Well I figured I would just do it after no big deal.  So I did my 10k, I tried the Galloway 4:1 method and I think it will work better for me than the 9:1 method so I will be trying it again on Saturday at my half - If I remember to program my garmin watch LOL.  any who, I changed the laundry and hopped onto the treadmill to run the half mile to calibrate I finished I realized that I never hit start *headdesk* so I had to do it again.  Well 7.25 miles is always better than 6.25 right :)

I went upstairs to foam roll and shower but Lucas was in a strange mood and had moved into my bathroom.... so I did my data uploading first.  

Can I just say I do not know how you runners who jump into ice baths do it!!!  Since my hair is freshly dyed I have to use cool water when washing it so I take my hot shower then turn the water down for the hair part and holy hell that sucks!!!  How do you sit in ice?!?!?  When my chiropractor puts ice on my rib when it pops out I genuinely want to punch him in the face and I really like him.  The thought just makes every muscle in my body tighten up.

WHY?? WHY do you do this?????
Well after my shower, chocolate milk and bagel I cuddled up on my couch for some Storage Wars.  Monday ended much better than it started.

Why yes my blanket is a tardis.....
Do you ice bath?  Or are you like me and prefer a super hot shower?

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Its been a tough week.

Running has not been fun this week I am not going to lie.  It is messing with my head because........

This popped up as I was toeing the start line of my 5k this morning.......
Sunday and Tuesday I did 2 virtual 10ks.  My footpod was off and said I did 7 miles but no it was 6.2.  They were both on the treadmill and just seemed tough for some reason.

Wednesday was pretty nice out so I hurried home after work and went up to Caumsett Park to run the path there, as long as you add the little side loop it is 3.1 miles.  It was really nice once I got moving and I meant to do 6 miles again but my neuromas were KILLING me so I just stopped at the 3 mile mark.  This pissed me off but I knew I would be back the next day.  I did go back Thursday and it was COOOOOLLLLDDD.  My breathing was so labored, I felt like my heart rate was well over 180 but it was super low I was shocked! I did my 3.14 miles for Pi day and headed out.  I met my friend Niqui at Nicole's tea lounge and I needed that as I was super bummed.  When I got home Friday I just didn't want to run, I cleaned my house a bit and tried to get to bed early.

Today was a 5k at a local HS.  It is a small race and last year I got 3rd place in my age group, my first AG medal ever.  Niqui and Lisa joined me.

Bundled up it was 32 degrees!
It was a small race again so we got started right away and I know I was over the start line with in 10 seconds max (this is important later).  I like the course because it is very twisty and turn-y...I hate long straightaways.  Just like last year all the students that were along the course we great, cheering for everyone like they were there just for you.  Almost right away my calves were KILLING me.  I thought maybe it was because my compression socks were too tight so at mile 1 I stopped to pull them didnt seem to help but the air was so cold I forgot about them eventually because my lungs were on fire.  I have to say the roads were rough and a woman actually fell right in front of me, I stopped to help her up as she was older...she said she was fine and off she went :)  There was no clock at the end but I hit my watch and my nike+ and I got a 34:02 and 34:10.  Not bad, last year was 34:52.  My first sub 36:00 5k ever.  Well I got 3rd place AG again!  Lisa got 2nd place in her AG and Niqui blew past her goal for the race by over a minute!  We were pretty happy but when we checked the times before leaving they seemed off, neither Niqui or Lisa had a garmin or nike+ but Lisa's time was over 2 minutes higher than her usual 5k time I did and my official time was 36:47 ?!?!  What???  If it was even 20-30 seconds I wouldn't question it but almost 3 minutes?!?!?  This would be my one and only complaint about this other wise awesome race.

I just cant get it the right way sorry LOL

I came home and showered quick and headed out to get my hairs did :)  And as always Fran made my hair awesome........

Still fueled by rainbows :)
It has been snowing all afternoon but I don't think it is sticking so I am sure the 5k tomorrow is still on.  It is the first year for it so I wanted to try it....I like new courses.

How has your weekend been going?  Doing anything for St. Patrick's day?

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Motley Shues....running with the wrong crowd.

As many of you already know from my "Why I started to run" post I did my first 5k on a whim when I saw a 5k walk advertised at my Weight Watchers meeting a week or so after I started going to meetings.  Almost right away my friend Fabiana from work and my long time friend Matthias were joining me at the races and soon my friend Lisa, Laura and Keith were joining us too.  Kind of as a joke I mentioned that we should have a team name and I am pretty sure it was Laura who came up with the names Wrong Crowd or Motley Shues so I just combined them and Motley Shues....running with the wrong crowd was born.

The original three Me, Matthias and Fabiana
Lisa, Me, Keith, Laura and Fabiana
It is really REALLY hard to become a Motley Shue.....HAHA  Really all you have to do is want to be one and have the intention to maybe run with us one day.  Some members are much more active than others on our Facebook page but everyone is welcome.  We have the whole spectrum; walkers, part time runners, tri-athletes and ultra marathoners.  There no age restriction either.

Not even all of us but here we are before the 2012 NY Color Run
Most of us are local runners here on Long Island but we have members as far away as Canada!  I know most of "The Shues" consider me the leader but I am just the one who is the most annoying trying to plan things and I do the most races so I am always trying to get people to join me :)  There is no leader we are just a group of people who like to get sweaty together :)

Over the next few weeks I am going to post mini bios of some of the Motley Shues so you can get to know each of us and learn more about this super fun group of people.  But for now here are just some pics of the members. They are not in any type of order.....

We even have shirts.....

Joanne and I at the Dirty Sock 10k

Spartan After Photo...beyond fun!

6:30a, Jones Beach....start of Ocean to Sound 50 mile relay

The youngest and probably cutest Shues out there.

Chris, Me, Kym, Darling, Brian and Lisa

My 38th goal was to run the whole 5k and for the first time I did :)

2011 Mud Run

2012 Mud Run

Laura, MaryKate, Me, Aurora, Lisa, Matt and Manda

2011 Mud Run

Me, Forrest Gump and Super Girl

We Run in Nor'Easters

Gina and me at her 1st 5k

Fabiana, Adam, Me & Laura

Sole Sisters

Fabiana, Me, Keith, Laura and Danielle

Bob, Me & Adam

2012 Mud Run

Rosalita, Nicole, Me and Christine

Tom, Jessica, Gina and Me

Lorena, Purple and Me

Me & Rob...his first and only 5k but we both got medals

Luxy and Amy


Spartan Ropes

Nadia, Fabiana and Me

2012 Color Run

Spartan 2012

Finish Line of Ocean to Sound 50 mile Realy

Chris and Gina

Gabby, Alirio and Me
Danielle during a 50k

Linda during the Key West Ragnar - check out the pic next to her!!!

So do you have a running group of friends?  Do you just race together or run regularly?  The Shues are going to hopefully start weekly-ish runs together but all the plan so far have been snowed on LMAO!