Monday, February 25, 2013

Happy Runningversary Angela!!!!

My fellow TC and the wonderful person who gave me a spot on a Ragnar Team is celebrating her Runningversary!!!  She is having a great giveaway so check it out!!

Friday, February 22, 2013

Ever have one of "those" runs....?

The one that reminds you that you CAN do this?  That they are not always hard and painful and that they can be fun.  That was yesterday and on the treadmill none the less!!!  I had a massage scheduled for 8pm and I had to get a virtual 5k done so I went home right from work and got changed.  Things started to fall apart almost right away.  Nothing major just annoying.....Garmin dead, no clean bondi bands, my house is a disaster and my cats need a LOT of attention when I get home.....but FINALLY I got my Garmin charged, got dressed and then after a couple of stretches I hopped on the treadmill.  I knew I was going to go a bit faster than usual so I put it on 5.5mph and at mile 1 and 2 I did still do a quick walk break for .1 mile at 4mph.....however when I hit 3.6 miles I upped the speed to 6mph and then after .25 miles I finished out at 7mph for the last .25 miles.  I know that seems slow to most people but to me is was FAST.  When I hit stop on the treadmill I saw this.....

Not my fastest 5k time but I thought it was a fun time.
I headed upstairs to do some foam rolling and that is when I realized feet didn't hurt.  Not the blister OR the neuromas!!!  I can not remember the last time I ran pain free!!!  Now I am not holding to any delusion that this is going to be the norm but I was pretty excited.  Lucas decided he wanted to "help" me do my foam rolling....

I seriously need to vacuum! 

So there is one more virtual 5k done for the year and I could add my bling to my medal hangar!!!  My 2013 holder is getting filled up fast!!

Guess my Garmin and my treadmill are still juuussstttt a little off so there are less 3s

Now IF ONLY my massage was as awesome as my run.....but that is another story.  Just do not let your husband have your therapist because she is awesome and his favorite is not available....I need another massage to get over that massage!  Hopefully my restorative antigravity yoga class tonight will help.

What do you have planned for the weekend? 

 Looks like NY weather is going to suck again but I ordered some awesome movies to watch while trying to get a long run in on the treadmill.....I would love LOVE LOVE to have two long runs in one week that go into the double digits! 

My viewing list.....

This I may not watch on the treadmill until I watch it comfortable first.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Take that Sayville Brewery run!

As many of you know I did a 10 mile run in January, you can read about the hell here.  Well last night I didn't have school and I had another virtual 10k to do so I hopped on my treadmill with the plan of 6.2 miles.  I put on a movie, This is 40, and off I went.  Half mile warm up and the Galloway .9/.1 ratio for the rest.  Well first off the movie is NOT GOOD and it had so many things I love - Paul Rudd, Jud Apatow, half naked Megan Fox, Chris O'Dowd, Jason Segel ect.  It really was boring with the exception of the end credits had Melissa McCartney going crazy and I LOVE her to death!

I just love him.......

ANNNNYYYYWAAAAAYYYYYYY......10k came and went and I figured I would just stop at 7 miles and then do a 1/2 mile cool down.  My watch hit an hour and a half just as I hit 7.5 miles and I figured perferct timing.  I hopped off and moved the laundry from the washer to the dryer and stretched a bit and I am not sure what happened I just thought to myself "Hey, why not just run that last 2.5 miles so I can have a 10 miler on the books...." and I did.  I am slower than most but even with the 1/2 mile warm up and 1/2 mile cool down in the middle I finished in 1:55:25.  I was pleased with myself and that I think is even more important.

Still better than the brewery run time :)

Have you ever just HAD to do something to make up for a bad run?  Even a month later?

Monday, February 18, 2013

Valentine's Day and other disappointments

Ok let me start by saying I love my husband more than anything even candy. o-O!  However as a computer nerd/code monkey he is not romantic and I know this.  However each year I hold out hope for a surprise....LOL  Well I do know that we both got our V Day/Anniversary (Feb 29th) gifts in January.  Me an iPad and him a new computer to build (Can you die from the romance?)  Well this year he did try to send me flowers but as per usual 1-800-Flowers BLEW IT.  They did not arrive.  But the thought was there right?  No, I was commenting on how many people go their flowers a day early on FB so he did what he thought he was supposed to do - hey, I'll take it :)  And since on Instagram it was #throwbackthursday I put up one of my favorite pictures of us.  It is from 2005 when we were at his friend's wedding  I am tan and not covered in weird to see LOL

I also finally got to see my friend Fran and "gots my hairs did" was beyond time to freshen the rainbow!!

Not sure why I look grumpy except it was 7:30am and cold

Speaking of cold....IT IS F*%KING COLD and I do not like it!  I know this is not news and yes it is winter but I HATE COLD!  I have thyroid issues and am extra cold already I do not need it to be the f%$&ing tundra outside!  It was supposed to snow again Friday into Saturday so I made the decision to not meet up with my friends Saturday for our run.  I thought that if I prepared for 13.1 miles on the treadmill it would be no big deal to do it.  WRONG-O.  I made my overnight oats so I had that in the morning, hydrated very well and hit the treadmill at noonish with the mind set that I would be on the treadmill for about 2.75 hours.

First problem it I did not plan my movie schedule so I spent my whole warm up half mile choosing a movie and I chose poorly.  I chose Love Actually which you would think I would love since it had many of my favorites in it and was just so British but it was just not right......

However this is SO right!
My next problem maybe bordering on TMI but I signed up for the Good Belly 12 day Challenge.  You drink one serving of this pro-biotic drink each day to make everything work in tip top shape as far as belly/digestion.  Well lets just say it was day 8 for me and things were backed up like the Long Island Expressway at 6pm with 4 accidents. 

So I changed the movie to an old favorite Uncle Buck and tried to tough it out.  Well at about mile 5.5 I decided that I had a virtual 10k that I needed to do so I was stopping at 10k.  I was pissed at myself but I was not going to make it.  I know I did something but it was not what I wanted to do.

Oh and we are not even done yet.....this last one is funny I am not going to lie.  Sunday I headed up to my friend's tea lounge to surprise 2 of my running buds who were planning on going there, they did not show up but it was fine because I got to hang out with Nicole and Toshi who own it and that is always a fun time!  I did drink 2 full pots of tea and like I wrote on FB I could see sound.....LOL  So anyway, I decided to ride the stationary bike again.  Well first of all my ASS HURT, how do people ride bikes for so long?  After 20 minutes mine was KILLING me and I have a huge ass full of padding!  Anyway the funny part....I was peddling along and trying to go fast when the seat dropped....there is no better way to feel like a fat ass then to have a bike seat drop a good 6 inches.  Apparently I didn't put the pin back in far enough when I adjusted the seat but I was done, 22 minutes 5.75 miles, not too bad.  However it is boring......

Why cant I think it is fun like this?

What did you do this weekend?  How do you deal with last minute changes in your schedule?

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Blizzard 2013 and Running....

So this if you hadn't heard about it.....LOL

Official totals for my town were 29 inches!!!!

Did it snow by you?  Most of Long Island is actually shut down.  Major roads are closed and all town roads are also closed.  People slept in their cars that got stuck on the roads because the snow came down so heavy and so fast.  I am so happy I skipped work and that Tom works like 2 miles away.  It took my friend Michelle SIX HOURS to go like 10 miles home...if it is even that far....

This is an actual picture taken by Newsday.  That is a MAIN 4 lane road!!
So that brings me to today.....after I watched Under the Tuscan Sun TWICE on TV I decided it was time for my run and for some reason I decided to do it outside...HAHA  I was running today in memory of Sherry Arnold who was killed while out running.  I figured with all the roads closed to everyone except emergency vehicles and that we apparently will not get plowed again until Sunday the roads should be pretty free of cars...the drivers in my neighborhood are jerks...I am sorry if you live around here but they really are....I have said it before and I genuinely believe that they sometimes are aiming for me or just don't see me even with reflective and bright clothes on.   So I dressed warm, thank you Brooks for your Utopia thermal pants and jacket!  I put on my Brooks Ghost GTX trail/snow sneakers and off I went.


I do wish I had sneaker spikes as it was VERY icy out there.  I had to take a lot of walk breaks for a few reasons.... 1. Icy roads especially the hills, 2. There were cars out there and 3. It was very hard to breathe.  When I got home I tried one last time to get Horatio to go out in the cats are all Siberian...they are supposed to love the snow.
He was not having it......if you look closely you can see the grip he had on my jacket.
How is your weekend going?  Do you run in the snow?

Friday, February 8, 2013

Grown ups get snowdays too!!

So I am sure everyone has heard that the north east is in the middle of a snowmageddon...Damn Nemo.  (seriously who named the storm that?!?!?) and since my car sucks in the snow I took the day off when there was already snow covering the ground when I woke up at 6:30. 

Just after nine and my deck was covered.

After I caught up on the shows on my DVR I decided it was time to get off my ass and do something productive.  So I finally set up my home gym in the spare room!

First I had to put on my sexiest cleaning out fit.....LOL
It is insane how full a spare room can get after 2 years of not having a purpose it was the office when we first moved in but we moved that upstairs to a room with air conditioning.  It was also where I kept all my baking stuff from when I was baking as a side job.  It took about 3-4 hours to go through all the stuff but I got it done.  I do still have some baking stuff but it is consolidated.  The only thing missing is the treadmill but she will live in this basement FOREVER.  Even after we move.....

Horatio was happy to fur up the freshly vacuumed rug
Exercise stuff,  baking stuff and tarantulas....just like in all gyms right?
Just have to hang up my medal racks.  Purple is 2011 & 2012 and Green is 2013
NPH wanted to wear my Diva boa, tiara and medal LOL
After I finished we had quite a bit more snow.....

FYI I hate snow.....
Then after dinner I went out to take a pictures of just how heavy the snow is....and that is is going SIDEWAYS!  WHAT?!?!?!?!  Can it be spring now please???

This tree usually is taller than the second floor it wont even pass the first floor AC

So is it snowing where you are?  What did you today?

Monday, February 4, 2013

Week off and fitbit.

Well I took 1 full week off from running after I popped my rib and I am glad I did.  I ran last night after getting home from Pennsylvania 4.25 miles pain free.  I did go slow and steady but I was so happy.  I started practicing a .9 mile run .1 mile walk that I am hoping to work with for the rest of my half training and maybe just as a rule.  I know that 9:1 ratio helped Katie AKA Runs for Cookies when she had a hurt knee and my friend Danielle when she ran 2 marathons in 1 week (CRAZY).

I even did a cool down walk....WHAT?!?!
I also got my fitbit and set it up last night.  I already wish I got the next step up that logs sleep and stairs.  Maybe I can sell this one....we'll see.  So far it seems fun.  I learned that a 4.25 mile run is over 8,000 steps HAHA and yet it doesn't burn as much calories as the oatmeal I ate this morning.....poop.  I ordered a scale that links with it too!!  Should be here any day now.

In January I participated in a push up challenge where you did a certain amount of push ups each day.  I had to miss the end due to the rib and I do still have to do kneeling ones but I was up to 70 so that was cool.  this month is abs.  It is pushups/plank/situps.  Now I know minutes on a treadmill are longer than actual minutes but who know that seconds in plank were so damn loooooooooonnnngggggg....jeeze!

I think if you click you can actually read it.....LOL
Do you have instagram?  I am @runningoncandy if you wanted to follow me.  I am doing a runner photo of the day challenge there.

So how has your February been so far?