Thursday, January 10, 2013

Take the good with the bad.....

Ok so something AMAZING happened today!!  Anyone who knows me knows that Key West is my most favorite place in the USA!!  I used to say the world but then.....Belize.  It is like Key West was made just for me and my husband.  It is small, laid back, fun, beautiful and full of frozen drinks, cats and chickens!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   (Ok well the cats and chickens are just for me...he would put fishing there LOL)

Our porch at the Key West Harbor Inn. I love this place!

So when I first started running in 2011 when I found out about the Ragnar Series and that there was a race from Miami to Key West I had the #1 thing to put on my running bucket list.  I knew I would not be ready in 2012 for it and since I am turning the big Four OH in October 2013 I figured the best time to do it was the 2014 running of it.  It is the first weekend in January.  So I asked the Motley Shues (the running group I started with a bunch of friends) and 2 of the "Super Shues"  Chris and Darling said they were 100% in!!  I was thrilled, not just because they are amazing runners but they are just a blast to hang out with!

Always winning!!!
During the past week I have been enjoying (and drowning in jealousy) the blogs I read and a few of the writers have been recapping their Ragnar Key West 2013 experience.  It only made me want it more!  So yesterday when Angela who writes Life beyond the chaos posted on the Team Tough Chik page what she was looking for more runners for her 2014 team I practically jumped out of my seat and said
YES a million times YES!!  
I am excited to have a team and even more excited that it is with people who have done it so they know what needs to be done.  Like I told Angela yesterday I am so excited I could PEE!!

So next year one of these will be MIIIIINNNNEEEEE!!!


So the bad.....well not too bad kind of in that #firstworlproblems category but still annoying.  When I was on my way home last night I new I wanted to run 13.1 miles for one of the 2 virtual halfs I have this month and since it was 46 degrees I decided to do it outside.  I fueled and hydrated when I got home while getting dressed.  I figured that a short sleeve Vneck tech shirt and grey Old Navy running pants with my while and reflect-y fleece running jacket would be perfect.  I added my reflector belt and grabbed my knuckle lights.  In my neighborhood there are a lot of roads when I have to run with traffic instead of against traffic as you are supposed to because there are no sidewalks or shoulder in those areas.  So I put one of my knuckle lights on the back of my belt so people could see me.  However I think they were aiming for me!!!  No one coming in the other direction so why were they all over the white line and invading my space?  I bet I know.....

UGH Texting while driving....
Then there was the fact that my water bottle was leaking and that I got so sweaty that my bondi band was soaked through and it was getting cold fast so the back of my head and neck were very cold to the point of pain.  Then the chafing started because the zipper of my jacket was hitting my skin because I wore a vneck.  The biggest problem is that I stopped paying attention to my watch and just listened to my Nike+ mile announcements so I just kept running around and around until I heard it say 12 miles so I headed home I figured if I got there before 13.1 I would just lap my block a few times. As I got to my house my Nike+ said 12.6 so I was about to just drop my water bottle off and lap the block 2 times to finish up but I also glanced at my watch and it read 10.13 DAMN IT!!!  

I just stopped right then and shut everything off.  I know my watch is the correct distance as that gps uses satellites and the nike+ uses cell phone towers so when you hop from one to another it is not accurate.  I also just did not have it in me to do another 3 miles I was cold, tired and now pissed off.  I just went inside drank some water and foam rolled.  

I noticed something there a huge difference in how tired and sore I get from 7.25 miles on the treadmill to 10.13 miles in my neighborhood.  After a shower and a bowl of cereal I was DONE!!!

Sooooo sleepy!!


  1. awwww... you are sooo tired and sleeeepy... but you look so cozy :)

    1. Sure was...what you don't see in the picture is the 2 cats on my hip LOL

  2. I am so excited for you to be running the FL Keys RR! There is A LOT of planning that goes into running one, and our captain Rik did most of it. Allison, one of our teammates, made a Goodle doc of everything from a travel matrix, to leg assignments and projected paces and finish time. Then katie's brother programmed each GPS with the route from Miami to KW with every leg exchange. All I did was help everyone prep for their legs, grab supplies from the back of the van and try to keep everyone entertained!

    1. I am so excited and I am glad that a few of the team members have done it already so I can just be told what to do :)

  3. Great post unfortunately all I got out of it is those freakin fabulous yellow rockers!! I think I need a set! Or maybe I can paint my brown plastic Adirondacks yellow!! That's what I'll do!!

  4. What version of Nike+ do you use and what do you use it on (ipod, phone, etc)? Mine uses GPS. Either way, I know that frustration of thinking you are at a certain point, but it's really another and just being D-O-N-E!