Thursday, December 13, 2012

12k on 12.12.12. and Christmas Vacation.

Well thanks to Run with Jess I decided to run 12k last night.  

I love that this was christmas lights.

I was going back and forth in my head the entire drive home after acupuncture as to weather I would suck it up and run the 7.5 miles on my treadmill or get my butt outside.  Well I got home just after 6pm and it was dark and my husband was not home for me to tell where I was going.  I decided to dress for a run outside and hope he would be home by the time I left.  I put on my running tights with the neon green stripe and then bright shorts over them.  I then added my new white fleece running jacket with my reflector belt and blue gloves.  I looked RIDICULOUS!  Tom was not home but I decided to just run outside anyway.  I had my road id (which has the wrong phone number for him anyway since he got a new number but i didn't realize this until I got home) and my phone so I felt safe.  I also did what I tell everyone else to do (but never do myself) and only put in one earbud.  I also decided to try out a water bottle I won in a give away.  I have the worst luck with water bottles usually so I had been putting this off.

When I first headed out I planned to stay in my immediate neighborhood but that got boring quick so I took off for my long run route.  This was probably not the best idea because we live very close to a mall and the traffic is CRAZY.  I just wanted to check out the Chritmas lights.  That is one of my favorite things to do and I have been feeling a bit "off" and bah humbuggy since we did not decorate this year.

I love Tarder Sause so very much!!
I just didn't get to appreciate the lights as much as I would have liked, too much shit in the roads still from the storm that was FOREVER ago so I had to stay on the sidewalks when there actually were side walks but they were also in bad shape so I was always keeping an eye out for cars and my footing.

So the water bottle was in the center of my lower back tucked into my reflector belt.  At first I hated it as it made my jacket ride up but after a while it was fine, it did leak a bit but nothing too bad.  It flew out at one point and I have no idea why but other than that it stayed put.  It was also pretty easy to hold when I was running with it in my hand for awhile towards the end because I was thirsty.  I held off on drinking until mile 4 so I can try and not stop at water stops during 5ks.

I know it seems like I hated this run but I didn't I loved being outside running even with all the problems.  I was not cold nor was I too hot even though I was sweating like crazy.  I am so glad I decided to take the run outside but next time I need to remember to bring my knuckle lights!

When I got home Tom was home, chatty and wanting to make dinner but I was tired, sweaty and my feet were KILLING me so I was grumpy at him.  But he is just so good that he waited until I showered and relaxed for a bit then made me pancakes.


OH!  And the reason I have not decorated at home is a good one!  So even though I don't like not having a tree I will be waking up in Belize on Christmas morning so I will survive.  We will be staying at a yoga retreat so not only will I be staying in a thatched cabana on the beach but I will be doing yoga every morning over the water.

My ass will be in that hammock many MANY hours reading

Good Morning!

See I can't be too upset.  Plus I decorated my desk at work to tide me over until next year and really I am not going to pretend I will ever take these down.

So how did you celebrate 12.12.12?  
Do you have any out of the ordinary plans for the holidays?


  1. Oh man a yoga retreat in Belize for Christmas? Does it get any better? Enjoy! We we will be cruising the Caribbean for Christmas--color me beyond excited!

    1. Nice! I have never been on a cruise!!

      It is funny, my husband loves to fish and found out Belize is a great place to fish so he spent a few days trying to figure out how to get me to want to go he found the yoga retreat. But really all he had to say was "Do you want to go to Belize?" yoga is just a nice bonus LOL

  2. Your trip sounds fantastic! Will you be off the grid all that time? Just wondering if your trip overlaps mine, then we won't know how fantastic everything is going!

    1. I am torn...I kind of want to go off grid but I want to post pics and stuff plus have the lap top in case I want to go exploring while Tom is fishing....I will be getting home the night of the 31st.

  3. Just catching up on your blog and your trip sounds absolutely amazing! Have fun!!!

    1. Thanks!! I can't wait and I am sure I will probably write so much about it you guys will be tired of hearing about it :)