Monday, November 19, 2012

Turkey Trots and Karma

Yesterday was the Massapequa Turkey Trot.  I really like the course for this run even if it is a straight out and back.  I have a personal cheering section at mile 1 as it passes my friend's house and he and his daughters have been out to give me high fives last year and again this year :)  And the back part is not down the street but along a bike/running path which is pretty.

Random pic I found online.

However the morning did not start well.  I decided instead of parking at the train station and walking the 1/2 mile or so to the park where the finish line and registration were I would park along the side streets because it was cold.  It seemed like everyone else had this thought too so parking was limited.  At the last second I saw a spot and quickly turned into it.....because I didn't think it out I scratched the car that was parked.  Thankfully the driver was a runner so she was in the car.  She was super nice and understanding as apologized over and over again and just feeling so stupid.  I am glad I was always nice when people hit me because she was great, took my info and said she would get a cost and let me just pay for it.  Thank you Karma for that!  It was not a lot of stupid rapper rims got the worst of it.  I cracked the wheel well of her front wheel.  She said that happened to her before too.  I would have hated leaving a note and not knowing who was going to call me how they would be, she was so nice!

I think it can be buffed out.

I hate these rims, I can't wait for the lease to be up!

The run itself was great, beautiful crisp day and I had my sole sister back!!!  It was Fabiana's first run back after she had a baby and she will be back with me often!!  YAY  I also tried out my new jacket that comes with finger covers and snot wipes on the back of the hands.  It is on sale right now.

I was surprised towards the end of the run when I had that I may puke feeling deep in my belly.  It happened at the Pumpkin run too....I am not sure why.  I was happy to have finished first out of the three of us so I could get pictures of Fabiana and Nadia as they were coming to the pretty finish line.


Miss Nadia
We also remembered to take a finish line photo YAY!!! I hate that I forget all the time!!!  (You can also see the jacket)

Sole Sisters Miss Nadia, Fabiana and Me <3
OH I almost forgot I wore the Newton Gravity sneakers and my neuromas did not hurt until I stopped running!!!  Now it could be the cooler weather which seems to help or the acupuncture I had Saturday or the shoes but what ever it was I was so happy!  Granted they hurt like hell after but better after than during!!!


  1. "Turkey trots..." I have to admit, it made me think of runner's trots! I'm a wee bit immature!

    Sorry about the car! If that was the result of parallel parking, I think it should just be banned! I've only done it once, on my road test!!!

    1. I giggle every time I say it too....LOL The car this was just my poor timing...saw the spot and turned too fast I was rushing.