Friday, November 23, 2012


Well this week has not been as expected.  My brother in law is in the hospital with a kidney infection and high blood pressure so we were not even sure if we were still going to come to Florida, my husband felt bad leaving with him in the hospital.  I understand but there was nothing we could do.  Then when I was packing to leave on Wednesday I started to get a sore throat...I was hoping it was just a passing thing.  We left for the airport way too early because while listening to NPR on the way to work it was saying there was a lot of crowds at the airports but LI MacArthur airport is always awesome when it comes to traveling....we did not have a wait at all to check the bags or even at security so there we were at 6:30 and our flight was at dear husband was not pleased.
What I expected.

What we that is not me lol

My throat was quickly getting worse and by the time we landed I was fully congested in the head and chest.  We got to my sister in law's apartment and got ready for bed right away since she and I were leaving at 6:15am to head out for a turkey trot. I was excited since I have never run in Florida before.  Well I got ZERO sleep.  Everytime I would lay down I would get dizzy from the congestion in my head and I can not sleep sitting up. Well we left and picked up Denise's friend Laura and headed over the race.  It was a pretty big one...just under 2000 runner/walkers.  Maybe I am a race snob but I could not believe that there were people there selling muffins and smoothies.  The race was for charity and I think those things should have been free. 

Well for no sleep and being sick I didn't do too bad....pretty much my average.  34:04.  The weather was awesome!!!  Cold at the start but clear and sunny, I saw pictures of people at home at their turkey trots all bundled up!

We went back to shower and I passed out.  Probably the worst idea ever because after I got up I was full blown sick.  We got to my inlaws in about an hour and within 15 minutes I was in bed with the worst headache and slept off and on until morning.  I completely missed thanksgiving.  I couldn't take and medicine because I couldn't keep food down and that would have made it worse if I was vomiting too.

I am feeling a lot better now, even went to a few stores with Denise and my mother in law but I did cancel out trip to Busch Gardens tomorrow because I do not think rides are a good idea until I am totally better.  I am super bummed about that because I will miss out on seeing my family but it is better than seeing them but being miserable.

I hope I feel better and can get out for a run or two in.  I would love to take advantage of this great weather.

I hope everyone had a great thanksgiving!!!


  1. So sorry to hear how miserable your Thanksgiving was. Flying probably exacerbated it. I hope you get well soon!

    1. I hope so too, thanks!! I am glad I am with family but being home when you are sick is always most comfortable.

  2. :( sometimes a run forces sickness out and sometimes.... yuck. so sorry! No fun to spend holidays sick and not at home!

    1. I think if I get up early enough tomorrow I am going to force a run, even a short one. This sucks!! Thanks for the love!