Sunday, November 4, 2012

NYC Marathon Day / Post Sandy Running

Well as many know NYC Marathon was supposed to be today but it was cancelled due to the Frankenstorm.  I 100 % agree with the decision but it was done way - WAY to late.  I have a bunch of friends who were supposed to run both  here at home and my online/blogger friends.  There were so many emotions that I could not even fathom as I did not spend all the time and energy training and I just couldnt imagine the disappointment. I have read a few blog posts from people both NYers and that traveled here to run and they all felt the decision to cancel was the right one.  Apparantly not everyone felt that the decision was the right one.....
Runners giving the finger under 24 mile marker.
I was angry at this but at the same time who am I to say they are not allowed to be angry too.  I know a lot of people thought it should go on to prove you can't hold NY down.  But this is not the same thing as 9/11.  That was an attack on our city, our country by PEOPLE so we needed to hold our heads up and prove that we were stronger then they were but Sandy is not a person she is a storm and we do not need to prove anything to her.  Some people, marathon runners included PROVE that we are still a wonderful country full of people who are willing to help those in need.  Case in point the marathon runners who instead of going home headed out to volunteer to help and also those who donated their hotel rooms to people who lost their homes.

Runners headed to Staten Island

My husband and I are still staying with friends as we are still with out power and we are told that we are looking at another week or so before it is on.  I am disappointed sure but all we are dealing with is inconvenience.  We go back to the house to try to warm the fish each day and Tom helps the neighbors cutting trees and cleaning the streets.  The worst part of this whole thing is our one cat Mina who howls all night long.  I think I got all of 45 minutes of sleep last night.  But really in the grand scheme of things, I can not complain about the situation I am in.

As most of  you know I am a member of Team Tough Chick and they had a virtual "FU Sandy" marathon.  It was to honor the spirit of the marathon and also the people who are suffering due to Sandy.  We each ran a few miles that totaled 26.2.  I ran 3.5 so I was 22, 23 & 24.

Speaking of virtual runs there is one where the proceeds will go to help those hurt by Sandy.  You can go a 5k, half marathon or marathon.  I will be doing a 5k.  

Speaking of running I finally got out today to run.  I ran to the Huntington Farmers market and back, round trip is just over 3.5 very hilly miles.  It was cold and I was tired but I was happy to be out.  I saw a hand painted sign that broke  my heart a little.  It said "I will get you for stealing my only generator my wife is disabled".  I was hoping they had heat and electric restored already but later I drove by and they were dark so tomorrow I will stop by to see if there is anything I can do to help.  Once I got to the end of Park ave and cut through the park to get to Main St I had to run like I was in Cross Country because of all the trees covering the paths.  

I knew Main St was going to be super hilly but something I didn't realize was that Park Ave is down hill going towards Main St so most of the way back was up  I was for sure not fast but I have to say my feet held out until mile 2.5.

How is everyone holding up? 


  1. A lot of people w/o power still- almost 300,000! Kids go back to school today even though Hobart didn't have power as of yesterday afternoon. My kids are in the HS, so it doesn't effect them. The gas situation is scary.

    1. South Huntington Schools are still closed. Too many roads are still not passable for the buses.