Friday, November 16, 2012

New Shoes and dead gadgets.

So as I mentioned in a previous post, the roads are not a good place for runners to be especially in the dark right now.  The town seems to be coming around and cleaning the debris but they have a way to go and in some places seem to be making it worse.  So I knew that last night's run was going to be on the treadmill.  I worked a bit late so as soon as I got home I got changed and made the decision to try the other pair of Newton shoes that I was planning on returning.  Why not, the treadmill won't get them dirty so I can still return them if I choose.  I do think I missed the 60 day mark of their promotion of try them for 60 days and return if you didn't like them.  I bought 2 pairs to try based on some internet research of other runners who suffer from mortons neuromas like I do.

Pair 1 - Terra Momentum.  All Terrain shoe.  
Ohhh purple.

I have tried these a few times and they are not a magical shoe as my neuromas still hurt.

Pair 2 - Gravity.  Neutral performance.

I love lots of colors!

Both pairs have these nubs on the bottom at the ball of the feet, this is what I think helps some people with neuromas because it keeps the bones in your feet pulled apart.

Nubs is a technical term
So There I am all dress and ready to head into the basement and what do I find....EVERY GADGET is dead!  Garmin AND iPod with Nike+ !!!

Yes, I could run 'naked' but I need to calibrate the footpod for my garmin if I am going to be spending time on my treadmill.  So I plugged everything in and watched last nights episode of CSI on DVR.  As I was waiting my feet started feeling a bit numbish....probably not good but I still wanted to try these shoes.

Well i decided to try a progression run of sorts.  So I set the treadmill to 5mph for the first mile then 5.5mph for the second and 6mph for the third......I realized at just before 2.5 miles that I forgot to hit the calibrate button and the watch was a bit off from the treadmill so I stopped at 2.5 and then sent the watch to calibrate the last .5 miles.  So I did 3 miles in 33 min.  Not great but not bad....funniest part was when the plug from the power strip that my TV and treadmill were plugged into fell out and I crashed into the front of the treadmill :)

After the run I realized I need to learn how to foam roll..I have one and have never used it.  There are tons of videos on you tube so it is pure laziness!

Well my feet did hurt, maybe less than usual but I can't be sure.  I think I will try them again to see how I feel but not tonight.....tonight is anti gravity yoga!!  SO EXCITED!!!

I noticed something funny when I was logging on to upload my Garmin info.....

That is A LOT of candy!!
OH!  And this happened yesterday!!!

This makes 5 registered half marathons so far for 2013
I will be fund raising for this race as well.  So as it gets closer and I figure out how to do it I will hosting a virtual run to raise money also.  I will post more on what we are raising money for when I put the run together.


  1. I'm in love with those shoes! I like anything bright and colorful though! Too bad you didn't get a pic of you crashing into the tm. ;)
    SO awesome that you signed up for the Philly half. I need to start finding some to sign up for next year!

    1. I know! That would have been the best picture ever!!! I love colors and was so sad when the asics tri noosa hurt my feet they are AMAZING!!!

  2. Every time I run on the treadmill at the gym I have a flash of me face-planting on the damn thing!