Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Look what I found when cleaning!!!

I was trying to get my house back in some sort of order on Sunday and I found these!!!  I totally forgot all about them!

Can't even tell I was wishing for death in this picture :)
I have been known for taking the WORST race photos ever!  I have even been featured on a web site dedicated to Seriously Ugly Race Photos !!  I do not hate these at all!!

Do you take good race photos?  Do you ever buy your pictures?  I don't usually I just get the art department at work to get them off the sites for me :)


  1. I think I took an ok Diva picture. My Yankee Stadium pics were good, too. Others have not been flattering, to say the least. I've bought important race photos. I can't buy every one. The reg. fees are bad enough!

    1. Exactly how I feel...especially when they are like 15-20 bucks for a small one! this was the first I bought because I felt my first half was important.