Thursday, November 8, 2012

I thought this was a running blog....?

Well I have not been able to run for a few reasons and now that will have to be put off another day....We got power back AGAIN late last night after it went out again around noon yesterday due to the new storm coming through.  This morning my neighbor sent me a text at 6am telling me how bad the roads are so I sent a text to my boss telling him I was going to wait for the roads to clear a bit before I came in as my car is really bad in the snow and slush.  YAY fancy rims with low profile tires... *headdesk*

You didn't know I was a rapper did you HAHAHA
About 5 minutes later I was dozing back off and I heard the loudest cracking and crash happened the tree in the back yard fell.  Well I threw on my boots and went outside....first I realized that it really snowed A LOT....News 12 says So Huntington got 9 inches in some areas !!!!!!!! It is only 11/8!!!  Well then I realized that just a large branch fell off the tree and onto my roof but only a little.  We were lucky.

See not too bad.  I sent a text to my landlord and he came right over.  He seriously is a great landlord!  I feel so bad because he has no power at his house yet!!  He also had 2 trees down at his house to deal with but he headed over right away.  They did find a small hole in the roof when they went into the attic crawl space so he got a tree guy to come and get the tree off then he will patch the roof.  He has been trying since the hurricane to get a tree guy here but it took it falling for anyone to do anything.

I have been watching the news and the roads are crazy right now some are even closed because the snow is so heavy trees are falling EVERYWHERE.  Our friends who put us up while we had no power had a tree on one of their cars this morning but they kept power and heat thank goodness since they have a baby.  I was afraid we would lose power again when I saw this.....

This is my favorite Japanese Maple tree in my front yard so heavy with so much snow it was pulling the power lines.

Tom and I took brooms out there to knock the snow off, It isn't too damaged just a small branch off so I am relieved as I LOVE This tree!!!  It was so quiet this morning but every few minutes you would hear the crash of a tree.  It was so creepy.

OH and last night I took a picture to compare to a picture I took 2 weeks ago......What a difference!!!

This picture was taken about 2 weeks ago.

Then last night on my way home as the storm was just getting going I took a picture in the same place.
What a difference!

I didn't even realize it was going to snow so much!!!  Did you?

My street is apparently blocked at the end by a fallen just opened Monday LOL
Guess I will have to get back downstairs for a few days and get on the treadmill....I feel like I missed all the great fall running weather due to my injury then the crazy weather....speaking of crazy weather it is going to be in the SIXTIES this weekend WHAT?!?!?!?  Hopefully this blog will be about running again soon!

I would like to trade these.....

Wellies are not warm!
For these....

Brooks Ghost GTX are great wet running shoes


  1. We only had a slushy, icy mix. I made the mistake of going grocery shopping in the afternoon. My fingers were frozen after trying to get the bags in and out of the car. We're supposed to have at least another month of fall, for God's sake!!