Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Falling Off The Weight Watchers Wagon.

So I have been on Weight Watchers for awhile now, I was doing pretty well.  It has been a very - VERY slow process but I am OK with it.  Thanks to them I got into running which has helped.  I do know that I can do better on the plan but since I am trying for a lifestyle change here I am not going crazy and just trying to make it as simple as I can so I don't feel like a failure and give up.

Well the last time I went to a meeting was Oct 17th.  My sister in law came up for a visit and it was my birthday weekend so we ate and ate and ate and ate ..... you get the idea.  And we were not eating veggies and salad :)

Melting Pot for my B'day <3

I had planned on going to my meeting on 10/23 even though it was my birthday but I had to stay late at work since I went in late to take my SIL to the airport and then friends of mine were getting married at my house on 10/27 so the bride and her mom came over that night to plan.  It was very last they are not pregnant, just moving LMAO.  Well then I had to get into wedding planning mode which included making the cake and cupcakes so I decided I would just skip that week I figured I got to yoga twice and ran 3 times I would be fine skipping 1 week.....well then came Sandy.  I don't need to elaborate there with the exception of I have been eating like a savage and I have not tracked any of this.  I have also not gotten on the scale either.

I am afraid.  Between the eating for 4 people and lack of running and yoga I do not know what the scale will say and worse yet, how I will react.  I 'know' all I need to do is get back on track but with the craziness around me however I am a stress eater I am not sure how to do that.  I am also starting to panic about our trip to Belize in December.  1 word bikini.....UGH I think i just vomited.

How do you get back on track after such a hiatus?


  1. I've just pulled myself up by the bootstraps after a crappy week. I cleaned up my act on Saturday. What worked for me way back in the beginning was not eating after dinner. The night hours are when I can do the most damage, especially when everyone's asleep and I think no one knows what I'm doing. I'm trying to push the hot tea, too. It helps me feel comforted and full. And making a list of chores to keep busy helps. Being at home all day with food right at my fingertips SUCKS!!

  2. I totally know what you're going through, that's happened to me so many times. I would recommend NOT weighing though. Get back on track, and then weigh after a week. Why weigh now and get discouraged about it? Just take it a day at a time- you can do it!!