Sunday, November 25, 2012

Meatless Mondays

Ok so after a few failed attempts at becoming a vegetarian I am thinking of trying again.  I will just do it very slowly this time.  I am starting with something my friend Lorena has done for the past few years by going meatless on Mondays.

My problems are that I hate veggies and beans plus with a messed up thyroid I can't shouldn't eat soy....Pluses are that I work with Lorena so she can help me with the Mondays and I have some very close friends who are vegetarian and eat very well who want nothing more than to help me learn how to eat well.

Wish me luck!
Ice Cream all day Monday!!!
Are any of you vegetarians? Vegan? Meatless on Monday?  Got tips? 

Friday, November 23, 2012


Well this week has not been as expected.  My brother in law is in the hospital with a kidney infection and high blood pressure so we were not even sure if we were still going to come to Florida, my husband felt bad leaving with him in the hospital.  I understand but there was nothing we could do.  Then when I was packing to leave on Wednesday I started to get a sore throat...I was hoping it was just a passing thing.  We left for the airport way too early because while listening to NPR on the way to work it was saying there was a lot of crowds at the airports but LI MacArthur airport is always awesome when it comes to traveling....we did not have a wait at all to check the bags or even at security so there we were at 6:30 and our flight was at dear husband was not pleased.
What I expected.

What we that is not me lol

My throat was quickly getting worse and by the time we landed I was fully congested in the head and chest.  We got to my sister in law's apartment and got ready for bed right away since she and I were leaving at 6:15am to head out for a turkey trot. I was excited since I have never run in Florida before.  Well I got ZERO sleep.  Everytime I would lay down I would get dizzy from the congestion in my head and I can not sleep sitting up. Well we left and picked up Denise's friend Laura and headed over the race.  It was a pretty big one...just under 2000 runner/walkers.  Maybe I am a race snob but I could not believe that there were people there selling muffins and smoothies.  The race was for charity and I think those things should have been free. 

Well for no sleep and being sick I didn't do too bad....pretty much my average.  34:04.  The weather was awesome!!!  Cold at the start but clear and sunny, I saw pictures of people at home at their turkey trots all bundled up!

We went back to shower and I passed out.  Probably the worst idea ever because after I got up I was full blown sick.  We got to my inlaws in about an hour and within 15 minutes I was in bed with the worst headache and slept off and on until morning.  I completely missed thanksgiving.  I couldn't take and medicine because I couldn't keep food down and that would have made it worse if I was vomiting too.

I am feeling a lot better now, even went to a few stores with Denise and my mother in law but I did cancel out trip to Busch Gardens tomorrow because I do not think rides are a good idea until I am totally better.  I am super bummed about that because I will miss out on seeing my family but it is better than seeing them but being miserable.

I hope I feel better and can get out for a run or two in.  I would love to take advantage of this great weather.

I hope everyone had a great thanksgiving!!!

Monday, November 19, 2012

Turkey Trots and Karma

Yesterday was the Massapequa Turkey Trot.  I really like the course for this run even if it is a straight out and back.  I have a personal cheering section at mile 1 as it passes my friend's house and he and his daughters have been out to give me high fives last year and again this year :)  And the back part is not down the street but along a bike/running path which is pretty.

Random pic I found online.

However the morning did not start well.  I decided instead of parking at the train station and walking the 1/2 mile or so to the park where the finish line and registration were I would park along the side streets because it was cold.  It seemed like everyone else had this thought too so parking was limited.  At the last second I saw a spot and quickly turned into it.....because I didn't think it out I scratched the car that was parked.  Thankfully the driver was a runner so she was in the car.  She was super nice and understanding as apologized over and over again and just feeling so stupid.  I am glad I was always nice when people hit me because she was great, took my info and said she would get a cost and let me just pay for it.  Thank you Karma for that!  It was not a lot of stupid rapper rims got the worst of it.  I cracked the wheel well of her front wheel.  She said that happened to her before too.  I would have hated leaving a note and not knowing who was going to call me how they would be, she was so nice!

I think it can be buffed out.

I hate these rims, I can't wait for the lease to be up!

The run itself was great, beautiful crisp day and I had my sole sister back!!!  It was Fabiana's first run back after she had a baby and she will be back with me often!!  YAY  I also tried out my new jacket that comes with finger covers and snot wipes on the back of the hands.  It is on sale right now.

I was surprised towards the end of the run when I had that I may puke feeling deep in my belly.  It happened at the Pumpkin run too....I am not sure why.  I was happy to have finished first out of the three of us so I could get pictures of Fabiana and Nadia as they were coming to the pretty finish line.


Miss Nadia
We also remembered to take a finish line photo YAY!!! I hate that I forget all the time!!!  (You can also see the jacket)

Sole Sisters Miss Nadia, Fabiana and Me <3
OH I almost forgot I wore the Newton Gravity sneakers and my neuromas did not hurt until I stopped running!!!  Now it could be the cooler weather which seems to help or the acupuncture I had Saturday or the shoes but what ever it was I was so happy!  Granted they hurt like hell after but better after than during!!!

Saturday, November 17, 2012

AntiGravity Yoga and treadmill/garmin issues

So as I mentioned in my last post I tried anti-gravity yoga last night.  I was pretty excited all day and then my friend Michelle who is a yoga instructor sent me a text telling me she was nervous....OH SHIT.  If she was nervous what the heck did I get my self into?  I realized at about 4pm I forgot to eat lunch and I was feeling light headed and all emo because of it.  However I didn't want to fill up if in 2 hours I was going to be upside I had a little oatmeal.

The traffic to get to the studio sucked but I finally got there and was pleasantly surprised that Athi was there too...she is another yoga instructor friend of mine.  The class was the 3 of us and 1 woman who had been going to the class for awhile.  I mostly loved the class.  There did have a few issues.  I have a big butt and I love my big butt but it is soft and as in the picture above the hammock hurts in a few positions.  The teacher said you get used to it and I can see how but there were a few times of pain.  Another problem I had was I think from the lack of food, I got dizzy and nauseated a few times when coming back up.  Other than that it was tough and a lot of fun and I will be doing it again.  When I got home my neck and upper back were KILLING me.  I don't know if it was from the yoga but I didn't like it!

Last night on my way home when I first turned into my neighborhood it looked like the streets had been cleaned but as I got closer to my house the less it was clean so I knew there would be more treadmill running.  I didn't run last night because of my back but this morning after I made a chiropractor appointment I jumped on the treadmill for a 20 min run.  Now yesterday I calibrated my foot pod so I just grabbed that.  I was hurting so I knew I had to take it slow so I put it in 5mph and ran my 20 minutes.  When I uploaded my run onto garmin I was surprised.  Instead of 2 12 minute miles as it should be when running at a constant 5mph I had a 12:17 and 12:19....also for 20 minutes I should have run 1.75 miles yet the watch said 1.63 and the treadmill said 1.69.  ????  And I did not change the elevation on the treadmill yet I had a 400+ elevation gain.....?????  What the heck.

I know I am nit picking but i doesn't make sense.....any ideas?

I am super excited for tomorrow's 5k.  It is the Massapequa turkey trot and my friend Fabiana is joining Nadia and I. Fabiana is my Sole Sister....we ran 99.9% of our races together.  She was always much faster but it was nice to have someone to hang out with.  When she found out she was pregnant she walked the 5k in Washington DC with me but decided to take a break until after the cutest baby was born.  So tomorrow she is supposed to make her return and since she is close friends with Nadia too (We all worked together) it will be a bit of a reunion.

1 picture is never enough for a blog post in my opinion so I will add just one more....

This was taken after the Cherry Blossom 10miler and 5k.  It was the last time I ran with my Fabs!  Christine did the 10 miler and the rest of us did the 5k

(L-R)Rob, Fabs, Christine, Me and Sulma

Friday, November 16, 2012

New Shoes and dead gadgets.

So as I mentioned in a previous post, the roads are not a good place for runners to be especially in the dark right now.  The town seems to be coming around and cleaning the debris but they have a way to go and in some places seem to be making it worse.  So I knew that last night's run was going to be on the treadmill.  I worked a bit late so as soon as I got home I got changed and made the decision to try the other pair of Newton shoes that I was planning on returning.  Why not, the treadmill won't get them dirty so I can still return them if I choose.  I do think I missed the 60 day mark of their promotion of try them for 60 days and return if you didn't like them.  I bought 2 pairs to try based on some internet research of other runners who suffer from mortons neuromas like I do.

Pair 1 - Terra Momentum.  All Terrain shoe.  
Ohhh purple.

I have tried these a few times and they are not a magical shoe as my neuromas still hurt.

Pair 2 - Gravity.  Neutral performance.

I love lots of colors!

Both pairs have these nubs on the bottom at the ball of the feet, this is what I think helps some people with neuromas because it keeps the bones in your feet pulled apart.

Nubs is a technical term
So There I am all dress and ready to head into the basement and what do I find....EVERY GADGET is dead!  Garmin AND iPod with Nike+ !!!

Yes, I could run 'naked' but I need to calibrate the footpod for my garmin if I am going to be spending time on my treadmill.  So I plugged everything in and watched last nights episode of CSI on DVR.  As I was waiting my feet started feeling a bit numbish....probably not good but I still wanted to try these shoes.

Well i decided to try a progression run of sorts.  So I set the treadmill to 5mph for the first mile then 5.5mph for the second and 6mph for the third......I realized at just before 2.5 miles that I forgot to hit the calibrate button and the watch was a bit off from the treadmill so I stopped at 2.5 and then sent the watch to calibrate the last .5 miles.  So I did 3 miles in 33 min.  Not great but not bad....funniest part was when the plug from the power strip that my TV and treadmill were plugged into fell out and I crashed into the front of the treadmill :)

After the run I realized I need to learn how to foam roll..I have one and have never used it.  There are tons of videos on you tube so it is pure laziness!

Well my feet did hurt, maybe less than usual but I can't be sure.  I think I will try them again to see how I feel but not tonight.....tonight is anti gravity yoga!!  SO EXCITED!!!

I noticed something funny when I was logging on to upload my Garmin info.....

That is A LOT of candy!!
OH!  And this happened yesterday!!!

This makes 5 registered half marathons so far for 2013
I will be fund raising for this race as well.  So as it gets closer and I figure out how to do it I will hosting a virtual run to raise money also.  I will post more on what we are raising money for when I put the run together.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Christmas Ornament Exchange

Tom and I are heading out of the country for Christmas.  Now I am BEYOND excited for our trip but I am kind of sad that I will not be decorating a tree.  Then I found this while reading some running blogs.

You can find it here...

Looks like fun to me!  Has anyone ever participated in an online gift/ornament/food/ect exchange?

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Bling or not to Bling?

Does the fact that a race has or does not have bling come into account when deciding on a race?  I found out yesterday that it does for me.  I have quite a few medals, most are finisher medals and not winner medals.  I do have a couple of age group medals too!!

I have a medal holder I got on Etsy last year but it has never made it onto the wall....but it will!  It has to because I just ordered a new one since this one is full.  My Diva medal is so big it is on the door knob with my Spartan bag.

I need a new one for two reasons:

1.  I found a website that hosts virtual runs to raise money for Team in Training and you get super cute bling!!!

2. I have decided to got for the second level of half fanatics next fall after getting the first level in the spring.  And usually a half marathon has a finisher medal.

Level 1 = 3 Half Marathon finishes in 3 months.
Level 2 = 8-11 Half Marathon Finishes in 12 months.

So the other day I was looking up races local to me and close to friends who live out of state so I can have some visits and maybe running buddies.  I found a great web site to find races by state

In September there is a race in the same town my "Sista from anotha mista", Gabby just moved to.  It is the week before the Rock & Roll Half Marathon Philadelphia so I was going back and forth

"Which one should I do?" or even "Do Both?"

Well I knew that doing Philly I could go with my friend Christine and her friends who run it every year to raise money for a charity.  Granted they are all super fast and I am not but I know Christine and her husband are AWESOME so I assume her friends are too.  Plus if I can help raise money for their charity I would love that!
Well I decided I will only do Philly and really the reason was that the race in Maryland did not have a finisher medal!!  After I run 13.1 miles I want a medal LMAO!  It may seem silly but it is the little things in life.

Do you think a medal is a deciding factor?  What about swag for smaller races?  Where do you keep your bling?

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Cherry Juice Givweaway!

Fellow TC Nanette is hosting a giveaway!  Check it out and stay for a great blog too!!!

Mother on the Run

Please let her know I sent you :)

Look what I found when cleaning!!!

I was trying to get my house back in some sort of order on Sunday and I found these!!!  I totally forgot all about them!

Can't even tell I was wishing for death in this picture :)
I have been known for taking the WORST race photos ever!  I have even been featured on a web site dedicated to Seriously Ugly Race Photos !!  I do not hate these at all!!

Do you take good race photos?  Do you ever buy your pictures?  I don't usually I just get the art department at work to get them off the sites for me :)

Monday, November 12, 2012

Treadmill or track time is my future.

So yesterday I headed out in the glorious weather that has finally come to Long Island.  During my run I heard nothing but chainsaws and people hammering their roofs. Long Island is starting to clean up and rebuild after Sandy and even though there are still thousands of people without power or homes we are moving in the right direction.  I had the Run 4 NYC virtual 5k on schedule and I knew it was going to be tough since I have hardly had a chance to run recently and it had been a full week since my last run.

The first thing I noticed was the fact that all roads, main and side were lined with debris so even if there were sidewalks I could not run on them.  Unfortunately drivers did not seem to think they needed to take extra care around these areas even if there was a runner trying to navigate around the same debris.  I have never had to jump out of the way of a car before while running or actually thought I was in danger of getting hit.  TWICE I thought I was going to get hit and ONCE I jumped over a puddle to get out of the way just to have the driver not even attempt to avoid said puddle and splash me.  Now there was no traffic coming in the opposite direction NOR was there even a double yellow line since it was a side street, they just didn't give a shit.

 Even though we had one tree professionally removed it was so much brush and wood that it has to go into the street so imagine how it is when it is just exhausted and frustrated homeowners just trying to get it out of the way and off their houses and cars.....  I can not thank my landlord enough he took care of everything for us so fast and was out there himself working on things even without power at his house!  Thank you Gordon!

Just one tree down, one more will be coming down after the roof gets fixed.
So it looks like I will be heading over the the HS track and/or hanging in my basement to get any evening runs in.  If the weather is nice on the weekends I may try to brave the roads more but well see.  I so wanted to try out my new Knuckle Lights too!!  POOP!

Oh and back to my body and mind were so very tired.  I really had to push and I just couldn't seem to get going.  My legs were tired and I was feeling sore in the backs of my thighs and my ankles which I have not had before.  I am hoping it was just the bad footing on the roads.  It just proved to me that I need to get back into the groove of running and yoga!!  Oh and I will be trying Anti Gravity Yoga for the first time this week!  I am sooooo excited!!!

Do you do yoga?  What is your favorite type?  My has always been Vinyasa but I am excited for this week!!

Friday, November 9, 2012

A few bits about me.

Well since I have not run and I don't want to post more about the craziness going on around here I figured I would tell you a little about me.

Real Life Name - Gigi actually it is Georgette but that is so not me.
Born - 10/23/73....ahhhh I am almost 40!!!
Born - upstate NY but moved to LI in 4th grade.  I did live in NC for a few months and hope to get back there one day.
Married - Fla 2/29/08 at sunset.

My favorite picture EVER
Wedding Party
Children - As of now we have 3.  Lucas, Mina and Horaito.



Favorite color - RAINBOW!!!!
Even in my hair :)
I am covered with tattoos but this one is my favorite....

Favorite holiday?  Halloween of course!!
This isn't actually halloween but it is one of my favorite costumes

Is there anything else you may want to know?

Thursday, November 8, 2012

I thought this was a running blog....?

Well I have not been able to run for a few reasons and now that will have to be put off another day....We got power back AGAIN late last night after it went out again around noon yesterday due to the new storm coming through.  This morning my neighbor sent me a text at 6am telling me how bad the roads are so I sent a text to my boss telling him I was going to wait for the roads to clear a bit before I came in as my car is really bad in the snow and slush.  YAY fancy rims with low profile tires... *headdesk*

You didn't know I was a rapper did you HAHAHA
About 5 minutes later I was dozing back off and I heard the loudest cracking and crash happened the tree in the back yard fell.  Well I threw on my boots and went outside....first I realized that it really snowed A LOT....News 12 says So Huntington got 9 inches in some areas !!!!!!!! It is only 11/8!!!  Well then I realized that just a large branch fell off the tree and onto my roof but only a little.  We were lucky.

See not too bad.  I sent a text to my landlord and he came right over.  He seriously is a great landlord!  I feel so bad because he has no power at his house yet!!  He also had 2 trees down at his house to deal with but he headed over right away.  They did find a small hole in the roof when they went into the attic crawl space so he got a tree guy to come and get the tree off then he will patch the roof.  He has been trying since the hurricane to get a tree guy here but it took it falling for anyone to do anything.

I have been watching the news and the roads are crazy right now some are even closed because the snow is so heavy trees are falling EVERYWHERE.  Our friends who put us up while we had no power had a tree on one of their cars this morning but they kept power and heat thank goodness since they have a baby.  I was afraid we would lose power again when I saw this.....

This is my favorite Japanese Maple tree in my front yard so heavy with so much snow it was pulling the power lines.

Tom and I took brooms out there to knock the snow off, It isn't too damaged just a small branch off so I am relieved as I LOVE This tree!!!  It was so quiet this morning but every few minutes you would hear the crash of a tree.  It was so creepy.

OH and last night I took a picture to compare to a picture I took 2 weeks ago......What a difference!!!

This picture was taken about 2 weeks ago.

Then last night on my way home as the storm was just getting going I took a picture in the same place.
What a difference!

I didn't even realize it was going to snow so much!!!  Did you?

My street is apparently blocked at the end by a fallen just opened Monday LOL
Guess I will have to get back downstairs for a few days and get on the treadmill....I feel like I missed all the great fall running weather due to my injury then the crazy weather....speaking of crazy weather it is going to be in the SIXTIES this weekend WHAT?!?!?!?  Hopefully this blog will be about running again soon!

I would like to trade these.....

Wellies are not warm!
For these....

Brooks Ghost GTX are great wet running shoes