Sunday, October 7, 2012

Well I popped my cherry today....

Today was the day I have been scared and excited for since January when I registered for the Diva 1/2 Marathon.  It seemed fun and it was local.  I also liked the ladies only idea.  Over the past 9 months I have been running a lot and was getting faster and my endurance seemed to be building.  I have had problems that I know I complain about ALL THE TIME but my foot issues are really a huge part of my running life for obvious reasons.

I have been running many short runs, 2 5ks per weekend with 2 or 3 runs during the week but they were usually 2-4 miles.  I have done a handful of longer runs, ie Cow Harbor and Dirty Sock 10k plus the 5 mile and 10k that was a part of the summer series, but really may be 4 training runs were more than 4 or 5 miles.

I set up 4 goals for my first 1/2 marathon:

Goal A (the perfect and best day I could imagine) Not too much pain and a sub 2:20 time
Goal B (this was my 'main' goal and what I expected) Sub 2:30 and since my last 6.5 run was 1:08 I figured this was going to be it.
Goal C (if my feet were killing me) sub 2:40
Goal D FINISH, simple as that.

So Saturday after getting my hair done, Thanks Fran, I met up with Nadia to head over to the expo to get our packets.  We had planned on getting lunch but my fuel/hydrating we off and in a moment of weakness and being too hard I got a chocolate doughnut at 7-11 so my stomach was killing me.  So it was just the expo.  I was hoping to see Brian, the savior of the relay because he was volunteering at the expo..yup he even volunteers he is perfect.  However we were there too early.  It was just crowded enough to annoy me and it was super hot in the building so we took a picture and headed home.

Then I did a bunch of running around to get food for dinner and breakfast.  By the time I got home I just rushed to get dinner made, tortellini and water, eaten and my stuff all laid out for the morning.

I ended up with long pants and arm warmers added to this when the weather was in at it was going to be 51 degrees.  I was in bed at 9-9:30 with my alarm set for 5.

Got up at 5 with not too much problem since I was nervous.  Got dressed, ate a waffle and 2 breakfast sausage links to try and get protein and salt. I was at Christine's to get her just after 6 and we headed over to the park which is only a couple of miles from her house.  Got there and park while it was still dark....saw the cutest little black kitten running around too.    We hit the ladies room and went by the coat check to meet Nadia, Nicole and Gina.  Used the portapotty while the line was short I couldnt imagine how long the lines would be at a womans race was going to be LOL

Well Gina forgot her bib for the 5k so she had to have her husband meet up with her so I did not get to see her until she was starting out running when the 5k started.  I also never met up with Nicole either but we did find Nadia.  We headed over to the starting line and the sun was coming up.  This was nice because it was cold and the weather called for rain.

We dropped Christine off at her 8:00 corral gave hi fives and good lucks and I headed to the 12-13 min corral and Nadia went the the 14 I think.  We were only waiting a couple of minutes and headed out.  I was trying to go out slow but I was feeling good and people were walking so I had to do some bobbing and weaving and sprinting around people.  Before I knew it I saw this...

Hello Mile 1!!

 "Go Random Stranger" - Thank you nice lady :)

 Wait what how did I get here so quick?

"Hurry up we're bored"  HaHa love it!

A bit after mile 2 was the first water stop and I knew my niece Nicole was going to be there with her cross country team but it was so hectic I went left and she was on the right side but she saw me and cheered me on <3  Then it was time to head out of the park.

The lake in the park is pretty :)

As I was getting close to mile 3 I was enjoying this run and was really getting excited about it.  I know I still had 10 miles to go but I was just wrapped up with the excitement.  Loved these guys!!!

 3 mile marker snuck up on me and I did have to take a second to stretch out my toes the neuromas were starting to rear their ugly heads but other than that I was just cruisin along.

Over the next mile the people ahead of us were running back so it was fun waving at everyone and seeing familiar faces.

 I love cheerleaders! 
 Pink turn around

Hey again "ladies"  Loving you so much!!!

We headed up and over the Meadowbrook parkway.  As we were on the bridge the 1st place runner was heading beck so we all started cheering.  I tried to take a picture but it took my by suprise so I missed it.  this was actually the second pic I missed as just before the turn was BILL BENSON and you all know how much I love him!!!

Once we got over the bridge we started the big loop behind the Nassau Colusium, it was a long and boring loop but the running was still going well.  the road was very pitched so I hopped up onto the sidewalk because my feet were starting to really really hurt!

 This was probably the greyist and ugliest part of th erun but the Nassau Colusium is cool to run by.

 6 mile marker had mats for a the check point and even though it was .5 miles short it had the feel of

 7 miles this was officially the farthest I had ever run.  And that girl's hair was AMAZING!

 Back over the bridge we saw "My girls" again <3

 Only 1000 miles left to go...Gee thanks kid.

At this point my feet were hurting and my belly started acting up but I just keep running, I turned off the podcast and turned on the music because I was afraid I was going to start fading soon and I was getting soooooooooo bored!

Hey now he is hungry and funny!!  Oh and look 8 miles!
 Yay more cheerleaders!!!!

I just love cheerleaders,I have no idea why but I do!

YAY "BGR"  Black Girls Run, this group of people are AMAZING there were members all along the route and they were amazing and they make me wish I was a black girl so I could run with them :)  The most unbelievable team spirit and support.

Started getting very grey and darker so we knew the rain was not going to hold off for much longer as I turned back down the east side of the park.
 At this point was was getting tired and all I wanted was for it to be over...

Even more cheerleaders who were awesome but they didn't get me as pumped as they should have.  It was just about after them that "IT" happened...I crashed right into the infamous wall.  It was like everything I had left just fizzled, my feet were screaming, my stomach dropped and I thought I was going to throw up....or worse.  I did see cool halloween decorations when I had to take a walk break.  Zombie construction workers LOL

 Just after that was a water stop and then the 10 mile marker, I was running again and kept telling myself that it was just a 5k left and I run them a minimum of 2x a week so I needed to suck it up and run.

 I made it this far and needed to walk for a few minutes again and each walk break made me hurt more.

I came upon the HS where the boa/tiara station was so I was surprised because that was supposed to be mile 12 however we had to do a loop behind the school and it was a bit before the 12 mile marker.  I saw my friend Kelly and we chatted for a few but I was fading fast so I encouraged her to go ahead, she offered me some energy chews but I knew if I put anything in my belly it was not going to end well.

Boa and Tiara station...good idea I suppose however the tiara was uncomfortable and so I had to carry it and feather boa on a sweaty neck....who thought that was a good idea? 

I just kept telling myself 1 more mile you can do this, I looked at my watch and at 12.5 I hit 2:30 which was my B goal so I deflated even more and then at 12.75 my phone/music died.  Really?  Kick a girl when she is down.  

At least as we were getting close to the finish line the crowds were back so the energy got me going.  I saw the finish line and took my last picture....Fun suprise, Gina was there cheering me on, I didnt expect to see her and I also heard Nicole and her friends cheer me on.

I tried to smile for the camera and then looked for and saw my husband, I was so relieved and my brain shut completley down.  I stopped at the super cute shirtless fireman to get my medal and I had no idea how to turn my watch off LOL....then came the pain and the finish chute seemed to go on FFOOOORRREEEEVVVVEEEEERRRRR

Got some hugs, was surprised by Albert and Michelle while my entire body started to hurt.  Gina wanted to get a finishline photo and I did too but I just couldn't move.  All I could think was "I am NEVER EVER doing that again"  It started to rain and was cold so Gina headed out and Albert, Michelle Tom and I found Nadia's husband and son to cheer her on as she CRUSHED her PR.

Not one finish line photo was taken so I hit the porta potty, grabbed my bag and hobbled to my car.  Christine and Super Brian were in the parking lot YAY I was so happy to see them!  

I have spent the rest of the day on the couch (or in the bathroom) I felt hung over all day.  Starting to feel better and I know I will do it again but I am going to push my full off for a while.  I need to be able to do a half with out almost dieing first LMAO!

I want to thank everyone who emailed, texted, tweeted and posted congratulations and such awesome support on the Running on Candy page and my personal facebook page, I need and appreciated ever single one.

The bling is pretty epic I am not going to lie!!  The medal is bigger than my cat's head LOL


  1. So love your recap! You did a fantastic job and I am so happy for you. The medal is awesome and you deserve it. Way to go!

    1. Thanks! The medal really is great, it is huge!

  2. Great recap! You're so good at taking pictures of the course. I'm in the zone and never think about it! Congratulations on finishing! That first one is always the hardest because you just don't know how hard you'll have to push to get through it. On mile 11 of my first I swore I'd never do it again, but after the finish line excitement, I was hooked! I love the half marathon length.

    That is one awesome medal! This race is also in San Francisco and is on my list because the bling is so awesome!

    Ice, rest and take some Motrin. Tomorrow you are going to be sore and stiff!! Cheers!

    1. Thanks, it was my first attempt at the picture thing. I used a small one that could just fit in my hand and just hoped for the best LOL.

      I am feeling a lot better today, just a headache still and I think I hurt the outer edge of my foot because it is hurting and a bit swollen.

  3. I need to share this with everyone because I took not one picture of the course since my husband had my camera. Next year I'll bring my spare with me so I can take some shots, too! BTW, did you run with gatorade or just water? The Gatorade definitely helped me. I had the 22oz hand-held bottle with the strap. It was a little annoying but comforting knowing I had my own fluids and could supplement with the water stations, or just douse myself with a cool cup. I think the tiara station is for when we hit the wall. It's incentive to keep going. I TOTALLY forgot about it!!! So, it was a very pleasant sight for sore eyes!

    1. Share away, Thanks! I drank at the stations water and Gatorade and water when it was there. Carrying water bottles drive me crazy so when I saw there was stations at every mile I decided to skip it.

  4. Congratulations on finishing!! Seriously, finishing a half while only running 6.5 miles for your longest run? That is impressive. I have friends who did an entire training plan, getting up to 10 miles, who barely finished under three hours. Don't beat yourself up on your time... there are very few people that can run a half marathon in twice their 6.5 mile time.

    1. Thank you! You are right I need to focus on that I did it!

  5. I'm proud of you for doing the whole run, even if you didn't feel glamorous at the end. :-)
    you're my running inspiration!

  6. Congratulations! I don't know you, but I'm proud of you too! Thank you for sharing the experience. I hope I can do it someday too. :)

  7. Woohoo!!! You did awesome girlie!!! I knew you could do it!
    And I love all your pics and your descriptions, and everything! At least your music died at the very end, and not at the beginning! That would've been rough!
    I'm SO proud of you! But...rethink that marathon! I want you to do it with me! :)

    1. Thanks! No matter what I will be there even if I do the half and not the full :)