Tuesday, October 9, 2012

They say hindsight is 20/20 right?

Who is 'they' anyway?

Ok so I feel better, I have bragged, posted, blogged and talked about my very first half marathon to everyone and anyone who would listen weather it was by choice or not is not important they listened to my stories.  In doing this I have compiled a list on how to make my next half marathon better.  As of now this will be the Flying Pig half marathon in Ohio.  I am registered for the full as of now but I will not be ready in time at least mentally.  I need to have at least 1 good half under my belt to help me believe I can do it.

1.  I have never been good at following schedules/plans but I think I need to follow an actual training plan for the next half marathon.  I have down loaded the Jeff Galloway 13.1 plan for my iphone.

2.  I will follow my own advise.  I gave Nadia suggestions on fueling and they seemed to help her and yet I did not follow them and my belly paid the price.

3.  I will not break some of the basic running rules.  ie. upping my mileage more than 10% at any time, trying new foods the morning of a race...ect.

4.  I will run many more long runs and practice fueling with gus/beans/chews during these runs and find what is best and follow that plan on race day. I will also practice running with a fuel belt so I can try different drinks and  use them on race day.  I did drink water at every stop and gatorade when offered but I think this was another reason for my belly 'issues'.

5. I will not run my nike+ on my iphone at the same time as the music/podcast so my battery won't die before the race is over (granted it died at 2:30 so if my finish before 2:30 I won't have to worry LOL)

Any other suggestions?


  1. Sounds like you covered it all. I followed the Hal Higdon novice plan. A couple of short runs during the week and just upped my long run by a mile each week. I rested maybe 1 time/week. I usually am on the arc trainer on non-run days. I'm going to start Insanity again to help with my speed. I had the hand-held bottle which wasn't horrible and I watered down my Gatorade a bit to avoid stomach issues. But, it's all individual. You'll figure out what works for you and don't worry about what everyone else says.

    1. I usually do yoga as my cross training. What is an arc trainer????

  2. It really sounds like you've learned a great deal from your half marathon. Learning what works for you is a journey. It's a process that continues forever. With each race or each experience you take a little bit and apply it forward. I learn things about my body, my endurance, my mind all the time. When we push ourselves to the limit, it's really eye opening.

    I really like the Jeff Galloway method for consistent beginner training. I'm glad you're on that path. I found the Hal Higdon was good for some, but I felt like it didn't allow enough rest days to do cross training or just "rest".

    Just recently I made a huge mistake at a race. I had a little coconut water sample from a vender before the race. HUGE mistake. I ran the first 4 miles of a half marathon with a huge stomach cramp. Again, still learning after all these years. I felt like an idiot for trying something different right before a race. Won't do that again!

    I run 4 days a week and double some of those days up with Taekwondo and kick boxing for cross training. I also do Bikram Yoga 1-2 times a week. Because there are not enough days in the week, I run in the morning and do some other activities in the evening.

    I think setting a time goal for the first few HM's is putting too much pressure on yourself. Just start with the goal of finishing and when you are able to finish a few and look back at how it went, then start looking at a time goal.

    I can tell you that at about mile 11 of each HM, I always say I won't do it again, but a couple days later, I'm looking for the next one. Our minds play crazy games with us. :-)

    Have fun, enjoy the ride!


    1. Thank you! It is good to know that no one is perfect but that it will get better :)