Monday, October 1, 2012

Smithtown Running of the Bull 5k.

If you are from this area and you are describing how to get somewhere or where something is in Smithtown  you will always say things like "east of the bull" or "make a left right after the bull"

The town was first settled around 1665. Local legend has it that after rescuing a Native American Chief's kidnapped daughter, Richard Smith was told that the Chief would grant title to all of the land Smith could encircle in one day - on a bull. Richard Smith chose to ride the bull on the longest day of the year (summer solstice) - to enable him to ride longer "in one day". The land he acquired in this way is said to approximate the current town's location. There is a large anatomically correct statue of Smith's bull, known as Whisper, at the fork of Jericho Turnpike (New York State Route 25) and St. Johnland Road (New York State Route 25A). Smithtown originally was known as "Smithfield."
The border between Smithtown and the Town of Huntington is partially defined by Bread and Cheese Hollow Road (Suffolk County Road 4), so named after Bread and Cheese hollow, which according to legend is where Smith stopped on his ride to have a lunch of bread and cheese. The road is reputed to follow part of his original ride.

This past Saturday was the yearly "Smithtown Running of the Bull".  When I woke up the weather was my favorite for running!  Cool and rainy I had never done this race before and there was a local half marathon that morning so I was not sure how many people would be there so I headed out early just in case.  Well I am glad I did because the traffic (not for the race but just because LI traffic sucks) was INSANE.  Got to the race, not too many people there but a nice turn out. The t-shirt was a NEON yellow tech shirt!  Win and Win!!  I just wish the bull logo was not red.  

As we lined up to start I was pleased when I saw this bar across the street.  Katie's is where I spoke to my husband and we had our first kiss <3 <3

We lined up at 8:50 for the supposed 9:00 start and I saw a few offenders to one of my race etiquette pet peeves. Starting in the front when you are not a fast runner.  Granted I start further back than I should but I feel that if you run a 12:00 min mile you should not be in the front...just sayin'

The start was about 4 minutes late so people were getting antsy....

Look at the NEON!!  LOVE!!!

The run itself was pretty uneventful an nice big loop and a few small rolling hills.  Such pretty houses in that area.  But I must note we did not run anywhere near the bull...?!?!  Coming towards the end I saw a photographer and since I take the worst running photos.....  Ugly Race Photos I am on page 3.  I tried to smile and wave but the guy just looked at me weird.  I thought he may just be a guy with a camera and was waiting for a family member or something so I just ran on.  I think I found out later what the face was for...I looked in the mirror and saw the new tree hugging peta endorsed organic mascara is not water proof LMAO so I looked like this.....

I got passed by a woman who I see at every race and she beats me every time and I decided this time was my chance to change that since it was the last 1/2 mile before she got me kicked it and ran like I was being chased.  I passed her in the last stretch and crossed the that exact moment came another racing pet peeve of mine.  The woman who crossed the finish line right before me stopped dead in her tracks so of course BAM I crashed right into her back.  So as I tried to not fall I twisted my ankle and felt like I was the one who did something wrong.  Really people keep going...walking is fine but KEEP MOVING!  So I had a twisted ankle AND my neuromas were bad!

Not my best time but I have not been running or doing yoga so what can I expect. 

 6 days until the I need to step it up a little this week.  Yet not over do it....

Oh and this happened so that you everyone!!!  You are the best!

Next up MUD RUN!!!  I will post once I get the pics!! 


  1. OMG! That's really you? How funny! I thought it was a pic you swiped from the internet! He probably thought you needed some help! And I know the traffic sucks there. I had to go to St. Catherine's when my dad had surgery and we purposely head further west to avoid 25 and then make a left around the bull!

  2. No that is a pic I stole LMAO!!! I will be going to St Catherine's today :)

  3. I have that same pet peeve about walkers getting in the front! I used to be a walker too, but I would stay in the back! So, I just don't understand that at all!
    When do you start your marathon training? I started mine yesterday!!

    1. I will probably start in a week or 2, my first 1/2 is this Sunday so I figure the week after, when is your marathon? Which one? I downloaded a program for my phone that is 35 weeks and my marathon in 5/5/13. Flying Pig!

    2. OK, this is crazy! I haven't decided on which marathon I'm going to run, so Monday I did a search for best first marathons. I found a list of 15, including Flying Pig. Out of them all, I thought I would like Flying Pig the best! So that's the one I'm thinking of doing! My training will be over Feb 1, so I thought May would be the perfect time to do it!

    3. OMG!! Do it! I put it out there on FB in a running community what would be a good first one and so many people said that one! I live in NY so I did not want NYC to be my first, I want it to be all new scenery. THEN I found out friends of mine live a half hour away so I will stay with them except the night before I will be at the hotel that is right at the start line. There are nuns dressed like can't go wrong with that!

    4. Ok, maybe I will! I didn't want my first one to be here in KY either. Sounds like a fun race!

    5. Part of the Pig does go into KY...... :(

    6. It does? I didn't know that! Well, that would be ok, I just don't want anything in my town or the next town over. I'll have to look at the map again.

    7. Apparently we will cross a bridge into KY then another bridge back into OH..... DO IT!!!