Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Pop Quiz Hot Shot....

Who knows the movie????

Since I have been off my feet for just over a week I had nothing new to write about so I stole a quiz from my new blogging buddy over at From Icecream to Maraton (you see why we get along) So please answer one of these questions or if you answer them on your blog let me know so I can check it out.


 Running Pop Quiz! 
1. FUEL: Shot Bloks, GU, Energy Chews, Candy or Other?

I have used GUs during evening races after I have eaten "real" food during the day, I do not think I would be able to eat a delicious chocolate outage GU first thing in the morning.
So for mornings I gave been eating Honey Stinger waffles if anything other than my usual breakfast.

 2. Race Length: 5k, 10k, 1/2 Marathon, Marathon, Ultra or Other?

So far my favorite is 10k.  5k I am just not fast enough and I don't actually get into a flow and enjoy running until 3-4 miles.  I can see the appeal of the half marathon but I am not up to that distance....yet.  I also LOVE mud runs.

 Joanne and I after the Dirty Sock 10k

3. Workout Bottoms: Skirts, Running Shorts, Capris, Pants or Other?

In the summer my new favorite are Athleta Hana 2 in 1 shorts.  They are shorts but have built in under shorts that stop the chub rub problem. 
I would die for that belly!

In cold weather I love my Brooks Utopia thermal pants.  They are not bulky and yet keep you warm.

Fabiana and I during the winter run series last December.  Both wearing the Utopia pants.
4. Sports Drink: Gatorade, Powerade, Cytomax, you stick to water when you run or Other?

For during the run I stick to water.  As I up my mileage I will have to try new things like GU brew or Nuun.  I did try a nuun once and i was not thrilled by the taste.  For before and after I love chocolate coconut water.

It is like healthy yoohoo!

 5. Running Temperatures: HEAT or COLD?

Cold for sure...I hate HATE hate running in the heat! 

 6. Running Shoe Brands: Suacony, Mizuno, Nike, Brookes, Asics or Other?

Brooks glycerine 9s have been the best for me and my neuromas.  I do have Brooks Ghosts GTX for rain, trail and snow runs.  I have a pair of mizunos too that I like.   I have recently tried some Newtons but I am not happy and will probably return them.

Once they came out with the 10's I knew I had to stock up on the 9s!


 7. Pre-race meal: Oatmeal, Bagel, Banana, Eggs, Cereal or Other?

Oatmeal or bananas.  I have learned that I should never EVER try anything else. 

 8. Rest Days: 1x per week, 2x per week, never ever ever or Other?

I have never had a set number of rest days just when ever I didn't feel like running or didn't have a yoga class, it was usually 1 day a week.  Once I start following a training plan I think it will be 2x

 9. Music: Have to have it or go without it? 
I could never run without music or a podcast.  I still hate running so I need some sort of distraction.

10. #1 reason for running: stress-relief, endorphins, you love to race, so you can eat all the cupcakes you want, weight-loss, love running for social reasons or Other?

I started to run to lose weight and get healthy and I am still trying to achieve both....and I can also eat more candy now :)

Another major reason is to meet new friends and hang out and do something fun and healthy with new and old friends.
Fabiana and I at her 1st (my 3rd) 5k
Starting line of the 50 mile Ocean to Sound Relay

Running a 5k in an ice storm with Matthias
Seriously one of the hardest trail 5ks ever

Motley Shues..Running with the Wrong Crowd.  A fun running group that I started.

 QOTD: Answer 1 or more of these questions!! Let me know if you answer this quiz on your blog, so I can get to know more about you too!


  1. How fun! I will definitely answer these on my blog. I am a total cold runner too. I'll take zero over 80+ anyday!

  2. I'll definitely steal this and share with others! One answer: Nikes. It's the only shoe I've ever tried running in and if it ain't broke...

  3. I hate that you hate running! Someday you will love it! How fun that you started a running group! And I love the name!!

    1. I will love it 0ne day I am sure of that. It has just been a long and painful road so far but I do love how I feel after so that is something right?