Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Ok so now I am freaking out.

I went to the podiatrist to get the shots for my neuromas.  I told him about my foot pain from the Diva and after a quick exam now this is what I have.

It is some sort of soft cast that is medicated to try and ease the inflammation.  I know that it is a very simple fix and not a big deal at all but I have to keep off my feet for 2-3 weeks minimum.  In the big picture I know that is no big deal but my fear lies in that I won't start again.  One of the reasons I do so many races is to keep me running.  Also what if when I go back to running I am back to square one?  Will I give up?  That is my usual MO.  At the same time maybe a break is just what I need. And the cast kept the shots away so that is a huge plus :)


  1. Just started following you and love your story! Huge congrats on your first half marathon recently :)

  2. You won't lose all of the strength and speed you've built up. And we won't let you give up, either!

  3. I think you'll be fine too, and we definitely won't let you give up. We've got a (half) marathon to run, girl!

    1. There is no way I can miss that!!!! I am excited for it :)