Sunday, October 28, 2012

Getting my run on again!

Well this weekend I had 2 5ks I was looking forward to doing so even thought I had 847 things to do and was not sure how my foot would hold up I was not going to miss them.

I went to yoga Monday and Thursday last week for the first time in about 2 months so I was thrilled but very - VERY sore.  Especially my legs because me and my big mouth requested balancing on Thursday..... *headdesk*.

 Then Friday I was up late baking a wedding cake and cupcake for a tiny wedding that was at my house on Saturday.

Well when I got up on Saturday my legs were tight to say the least but the weather was nice so I got dressed and Niqui picked me up.  It was funny when we got down to the 5k I overheard a lot of people asking who had been there last year in the ice storm.  I was happy to see my friend Danielle who just ran a marathon so I was excited to hear all about it.  She and I started run at the same time and she is a machine!  The sun came out so I was bummed I didnt have sunglasses but we headed out.  I noticed right away that breathing was hard and my legs were like lead.  I honestly felt like it was one of the first 5ks I did last year.  I was trying so hard not to get discouraged but it was not working I will not lie.  Then just after the first mile my feet started to hurt.  First the neuromas and then the side where I hurt it.  I took a few walk breaks, each one hurting my ego just a little bit more.  Even thought I promised myself I would not do that I just couldn't help it.  I was pleasantly surprised when I turned the last corner at 3 miles when I saw that I was going to hit close to 34 minutes.  That is pretty much the high end of my average 5k time.  I kicked it up to besure I did not hit 35 minutes.  The coral at the end was packed.  It drives me MAD when people hang out in the end chute and I can't get out.  I also had that "I am about to puke" feeling for a second and I was afraid I would vomit on someone but once I got water it passed.  I then met up with Danielle again...she of course was done for like 10 minutes by this point LOL.  I waited for Niqui since this was her second 5k ever and she was nervous.  I saw her coming and yelled to look up and smile and I got an awesome picture of her!!!

She took a full 40 seconds off her 1st 5k time!!  WOO HOO!!  Awesome!  
277  15/24 121/191  GIGI BECKER  39 F SO HUNTINGTON NY 34:25 11:05 
UGH my first official age 39 

I headed home, showered, wrapped my foot and started setting up for the wedding.  It was so sweet and special and the dinner was at Ciao Baby in Commack after.  If you are from Long Island you KNOW how good that place is.....OMG!  I tried not too eat too much cheese and oil since I had an early 5k on Sunday.

Sunday was the Freaky 5k in Wantagh.  I was meeting up with Jogging Jawa and the lovely Purple.  I had wanted to dress up as "Purple" not the girl but the color in honor of the girl today so I put on my purple calf sleeves, shorts and bondi band.  My best purple shirt I got from a virtual run put on by Run with Jess was either dirty or since I wear it so much it just stinks and since I did not even try them yet I decided not to try my new Brooks Pure Flow.
Soooooooooooooo pretty.
We met up before the race and chatted for a bit and tried to stretch.  It was grey and chilly but perfect running weather.  This was both Lorena and Purple's first 5k.  Purple has done many walks but this was her first running race.  We actually remembered to get a starting line photo!!

l-r Lorena, Purple and Me
The race start kind of snuck up on us and we still had all of our stuff so we ran to Purples van to drop it all off and then ran back to the start with 1 minute to spare.  It was super crowded so I was hoping for a chip timed event but you never know.  It was a crowded start and in my impatience trying to get around people who started in the wrong pace group (I don't care how fast or slow you are but if you plan on walking please do not start in the 10 min mile group!) so I ran up on the sidewalk around a car and misjudged the curb and landed right on the side of my foot that I am trying to heal *headdesk*  I tried very hard and think I did OK at not letting it get to me and just keep running.  My legs were lead again and it was frustrating but I just kept on trucking.  Lorena caught up with me just before mile 1 and left me in the dust when I grabbed a water.  (I wish I didnt hate caring water bottles!)  I kept my focus on her butt and tried to not think about the growing pain in my feet.  In my defense her butt said Batman and I like Batman :)

See...super cute!
My breathing was tough the whole time and I did take 2 quick walk breaks but I crossed the finish line in what I thought was just under 34 minutes so I was pleased it was better than yesterday.  However I did need to head right to the medic to get an ice pack for my foot.  I met up with Lorena and Purple to see how their runs went and was so excited for both of them!!  Lorena killed it with a great time and so did Purple.  I also think they both had a great time and I was so excited to be there with friends. We remembered to take a finish line photo. BONUS!
I am such a proud mama bear <3 Dont mind the ice pack and mess by my foot LOL
 361 30/59 150/336 GIGI BECKER 39 F HUNTINGTON NY 33:49 (gun) 10:53    33:15(chip) YAY Chip Timing :)

It hurt a lot but I was back on track of my usual 5k time so all in all I was pleased.  Granted I am struggling to do this but in a way that is a good shows me that I was not pushing hard enough before so if I keep pushing I will get to that sub-30 5k eventually!!

After the race I headed to the bagel store to pick up breakfast.  On my way back to my car I realized something....even if you don't know me if you look in my car you can tell I am a runner.  Not because of the 13.1 sticker on my window but because of my mess inside HAHA.

Hundreds of tiny safety pins, earbuds and my Garmin.

2 banana peels, a banana, ice pack, 2 waters, race bib, race shirt and a stinger waffle.
 I wanted to head back to yoga tomorrow but all of Long Island seems to be shutting down.  I hope it is not as bad as Irene was last August, we were without power for almost a week.

So how was everyone's weekend?  
Does your car give you away as a runner? 


  1. I did notice your purple attire and it definitely made me smile!

  2. I have not been to Ciao Baby, but we hardly go out to eat, so if we do, it's local. My car does not give me away as a Virgo. let alone a runner (except for the 2 13.1 stickers!) I now have maps all over the floor on the passenger side for my commutes to work and wrappers from energy bars, as well. Piggy piggy.

    1. I feel like I need to come and get you and take you to Ciao baby....if you like italian food. You can eat individual or family style and it is amazing!!

  3. You did awesome on both your races, girl! Great job! Hope your foot gets better!
    My wknd was good, a 5k race Friday night, and then 12 mile long run on Saturday. Pretty much the only thing that gives my truck away as a runner's is my 13.1 sticker!