Monday, October 22, 2012

Dipping my toes in the running water.....

Well It was exactly 14 days and 7 hours since I finished my half marathon injured and I was getting dressed to try to run.  I kept telling myself that if it hurt I *HAD* to walk for a bit and if the pain stopped I could run again or if it kept hurting I would stop and that was not a failure it just meant I was not yet healed enough to do this.  1/10 of a mile or the 3.1 miles I was planning were both a step in the right direction.  I decided to do it on my treadmill so if the pain got bad I was not far from home.  I also know the snow is coming so there may be more indoor running so I needed to get my garmin footpod calibrated.

Don't mind the no makeup/tired face it has been a long but super fun few days.

I started out with a super slow walk for the first 1/2 mile at 4mph then I ran the second 1/2 mile very slow at 5mph.  Went OK, I was very aware of where I was sore and I think I was forefoot striking out of a fear of the pain.  I tried to correct my stride but the more I tried the worse it seemed to get.  It was either fore foot striking or over-pronating.  I wonder if I have been over-pronating this whole time???  That could explain the pain on the side of my foot and I now know my feet have minds of their own and avoid running where it hurts maybe I over-pronate to avoid the neuroms????  I really need a gait analysis!

I paused to see if the calibration was off on my watch and it was so I hit the calibrate button and ran the next mile again at 5mph.  The neuromas started hurting pretty bad as I closed in on 1.5 miles but that is the norm.

I tried to ignore that with my second favorite ever scene of the Big Bang Theory.  BAZINGA

Funny all the stuff from my failed fueling practice run are still on my treadmill with the schedule I set.

Another fun distraction was Horatio...he did not like the treadmill at all but as per usual he must be with me at all times when I am home so he did what he does a fat cat.

Fat cat is actually not that fat but is that fluffy!  But he preferred the weight bag over the treadmill.

The last mile I walked at 4mph for the first half then went to 5mph for the last .62 miles.  Not a good time by any means....however faster then my first 3 or 4 5ks ever. Edit- I just checked it is faster than my first NINE 5ks!!   I do think my stamina dropped a bit or it could be that for the past few days my sister in law has been up from Florida visiting for my birthday and we have been eating crappy food like there will be no more food in the world soon or we are bears getting ready to hibernate so my fuel was not as it should be, but even a slow run/walk I was sweaty and tired.

Either way I call it a success!  I am doing 2 5ks this weekend.  I have been looking forward to both for a long time so I am not going to skip them but I am promising myself to take it easy.  This will be harder on Saturday since it is a race I have run before and you always want to PR the course if not PR the distance.  Last year I ran this one with my friend Matt and it was a freak ice storm so I want to see what I can do in nice fall weather.  I will try an outdoor run probably Wednesday and I am going to yoga tonight (THANK GOODNESS) so I will know better after that how hard I should go out on Saturday.  Sunday's run will be the first one for my friend The Jogging Jawa so I HAVE to be there but as I have never run this race if I walk the whole thing it will still be a course PR.  I just don't think I will have the control to walk it unless I have someone to walk with.

Next question is weather or not I want to get weighed in at Weight Watchers tomorrow.  I still feel the Melting Pot food up to my ribs from my birthday dinner last night and tomorrow being my actual birthday who wants to hear how much weight they gained????


  1. I hop you feel well enough for all of your runs!!

  2. I signed up to do the freaky 5k also. So it's my first official actually trying to run it 5k. You two will leave me in the dust. :-P
    Also: I'm glad you're back to feeling well enough to run again, I know it was bugging you not to. You rock my socks!

    1. YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think Lorena is going to leave us all in the dust!

  3. Good job on pushing yourself to run/walk the treadmill! 2 5k's this weekend? Wowzers. And happy birthday tomorrow!! If it was me, I would still go to the WW meeting!

    1. Thanks! Yeah I am going to go....I have to, I know what to expect so why skip it?