Tuesday, October 9, 2012


Well I spent the WHOLE day on the couch yesterday, relaxing.  I still had a bit of a hang over feeling but all in all I felt good.  I had that "I did something awesome and hard" sore muscles.  The one concern I have is my right foot.  I am having a hard time walking because the outer edge is a bit inflamed and swollen but it only hurts when I walk on it. 

I was bummed that Tom had to go to work but I did have the best rotating company all day long.




Siberian cats are awesome for keeping you happy and warm.  If you live with someone allergic to cats as I do you HAVE to get one or a million of these cats.  They are hypo allergenic and an amazing breed.  Siberian Cats

I have an appointment tomorrow with my podiatrist for my biweekly neuroma shots so I will have him check out the side of my foot too but I am pretty confident that it is due to the fact that I broke the #1 rule to training.  DO NOT UP YOUR MILEAGE MORE THAT 10%.  Well I think 50% is a tad over that LOL so after a rest I will be fine.

I am the best man in a wedding this weekend so no racing.  I have 2 virtual runs on my schedule but they are both have week long windows to run so I will push them off until the last day of each and just walk it if I have to on the treadmill.  My next road races are not until 10/20 (5k) and 10/21 (4miler).  Lets just keep our fingers crossed I don't have to stay off it longer than that.

We received an email today of our official race photos and I do not hate mine, even though the photo stop at mile 12.25 was right in the middle of my wish for death I was able to look up, smile and wave so I actually bought one of those and also a finish line one because even though it wasn't good it was my first half marathon so I needed one! I usually just have one of the graphic artists at work figure out how to get the picture off the page but I wanted "real" ones for this.  The photo company also had a Finisher Certificate you could save and print too which is cute.

Then on my Starbucks run I remembered the stickers I had my friend at work make and made it OFFICIAL!


  1. I love the certificate! I'm printing one out and framing it! Maybe I'll figure out how to make a frame with a medal hanger to go with the bib display plaque I made! (Why would I pay for one if they're letting me print one out?) I'm glad I only like a couple of the pictures. It made picking ONE a lot easier and not cost me a fortune!

    1. I was able to print 2 on the super printer at work, one for here and one to frame for home :) I don't know what to do with the medal..it ways more than my hanger HAHA