Tuesday, October 2, 2012

2012 Down and Dirty

As I mentioned in a previous post I love Mud Runs.  I learned about them last year from my friend Jodi when she talked me into going to the Down and Dirty.  I will thank her until  I die.  Weather it a a fun day at the park like the Down and Dirty or a hard day working like The Spartan race I will jump at any chance to play in the mud.

Got up early and headed up to the Bronx.  I was nervous about the weather, it was chilly an grey.  I knew I was going to be crawling through mud and wading chest deep in the bay. 

We got to the even and met up with Gina, Julio, Jodi, Diane, Jess and Dave right away.  We took some quick "Before" pictures and checked our bags before heading off to the start.

  Diane, Jodi, Tom, Me, Jess and Gina

One of the highlights of the day happened while we were waiting to get started, a guy asked me to take a picture of his group of friends and it was Jionni from Jersey Shore.  I know most people are going to roll their eyes at that but I love trashy reality TV with Jersey Shore being on of my biggest guilty pleasures.  I didn't let on that I knew who he was, I figured I would not ruin his day with his friends but I will say this now if Snookie was there I would have just DIED!!!  I would have freaked out!  But thanks to Dave I do have lurking picture.

While waiting to get going Danielle found us!!  I have been facebook friends with Danielle for a bit since we are both part of the local running community and will both be doing the Diva this week.  We all corralled up and headed out.

 Look how cute Gina is peeking thorough the 2 guys running next to us..lol

The race itself started out the same as last year, about 1 mile run along the boardwalk before the obstacles start and we head into the woods.  There was the tunnels and the first mud pit.

Jess hates the tunnels!

We then ran through the woods until we came to a huge rope wall that went up a blow up slide which was AWESOME for me but Jess did not like it.

Then the next new one was a climbing wall and then the soap wall from last year.  Jess and I both had trouble last year on the soap wall but this year we were up and over both easy peasy!

We were all just having the best time, One of the things I like about these are just hanging out and having fun with friends, not racing and trying to win or beat a certain time.

And even though we were all kind of dirty by this point we crossed the finish line and prepared for the BEST PART - the huge MUD PIT!!!

 Gina's face says it all right here.....

 This is Jess's "I am in mud face" She made the same one last year..... And I love it!!

Now THAT is dirty!

Time for pictures!!!

After the pictures it was time to get cleanned up a bit, last year we used the hoses that were there but after thousands of people use them you are trying to clean the mud off while standing in ....well mud.  So this year we did what we tried to do last year and but were told no...this year us along with many others just stripped down to our underwear and jumped into the bay. (No pervs there are no pictures of this...you want to see us in our skivies you have to come with us LOL) Granted it isn't clean water but it did the job.  After a quick bite we all headed home to shower and in my case take a nap.  I already can't wait for next year!!


  1. My gym manager told me I'm doing the mud run in Riverhead with all of the gym employees next year. It was on the same day as the Smith Point 5k, so I had to skip it. You look like you have a blast!

  2. That looks like SO much fun! I've got to do one of these someday. Awesome pics too!!

    1. They really are as long as you get a fun group to "play" with!!