Sunday, October 28, 2012

Getting my run on again!

Well this weekend I had 2 5ks I was looking forward to doing so even thought I had 847 things to do and was not sure how my foot would hold up I was not going to miss them.

I went to yoga Monday and Thursday last week for the first time in about 2 months so I was thrilled but very - VERY sore.  Especially my legs because me and my big mouth requested balancing on Thursday..... *headdesk*.

 Then Friday I was up late baking a wedding cake and cupcake for a tiny wedding that was at my house on Saturday.

Well when I got up on Saturday my legs were tight to say the least but the weather was nice so I got dressed and Niqui picked me up.  It was funny when we got down to the 5k I overheard a lot of people asking who had been there last year in the ice storm.  I was happy to see my friend Danielle who just ran a marathon so I was excited to hear all about it.  She and I started run at the same time and she is a machine!  The sun came out so I was bummed I didnt have sunglasses but we headed out.  I noticed right away that breathing was hard and my legs were like lead.  I honestly felt like it was one of the first 5ks I did last year.  I was trying so hard not to get discouraged but it was not working I will not lie.  Then just after the first mile my feet started to hurt.  First the neuromas and then the side where I hurt it.  I took a few walk breaks, each one hurting my ego just a little bit more.  Even thought I promised myself I would not do that I just couldn't help it.  I was pleasantly surprised when I turned the last corner at 3 miles when I saw that I was going to hit close to 34 minutes.  That is pretty much the high end of my average 5k time.  I kicked it up to besure I did not hit 35 minutes.  The coral at the end was packed.  It drives me MAD when people hang out in the end chute and I can't get out.  I also had that "I am about to puke" feeling for a second and I was afraid I would vomit on someone but once I got water it passed.  I then met up with Danielle again...she of course was done for like 10 minutes by this point LOL.  I waited for Niqui since this was her second 5k ever and she was nervous.  I saw her coming and yelled to look up and smile and I got an awesome picture of her!!!

She took a full 40 seconds off her 1st 5k time!!  WOO HOO!!  Awesome!  
277  15/24 121/191  GIGI BECKER  39 F SO HUNTINGTON NY 34:25 11:05 
UGH my first official age 39 

I headed home, showered, wrapped my foot and started setting up for the wedding.  It was so sweet and special and the dinner was at Ciao Baby in Commack after.  If you are from Long Island you KNOW how good that place is.....OMG!  I tried not too eat too much cheese and oil since I had an early 5k on Sunday.

Sunday was the Freaky 5k in Wantagh.  I was meeting up with Jogging Jawa and the lovely Purple.  I had wanted to dress up as "Purple" not the girl but the color in honor of the girl today so I put on my purple calf sleeves, shorts and bondi band.  My best purple shirt I got from a virtual run put on by Run with Jess was either dirty or since I wear it so much it just stinks and since I did not even try them yet I decided not to try my new Brooks Pure Flow.
Soooooooooooooo pretty.
We met up before the race and chatted for a bit and tried to stretch.  It was grey and chilly but perfect running weather.  This was both Lorena and Purple's first 5k.  Purple has done many walks but this was her first running race.  We actually remembered to get a starting line photo!!

l-r Lorena, Purple and Me
The race start kind of snuck up on us and we still had all of our stuff so we ran to Purples van to drop it all off and then ran back to the start with 1 minute to spare.  It was super crowded so I was hoping for a chip timed event but you never know.  It was a crowded start and in my impatience trying to get around people who started in the wrong pace group (I don't care how fast or slow you are but if you plan on walking please do not start in the 10 min mile group!) so I ran up on the sidewalk around a car and misjudged the curb and landed right on the side of my foot that I am trying to heal *headdesk*  I tried very hard and think I did OK at not letting it get to me and just keep running.  My legs were lead again and it was frustrating but I just kept on trucking.  Lorena caught up with me just before mile 1 and left me in the dust when I grabbed a water.  (I wish I didnt hate caring water bottles!)  I kept my focus on her butt and tried to not think about the growing pain in my feet.  In my defense her butt said Batman and I like Batman :)

See...super cute!
My breathing was tough the whole time and I did take 2 quick walk breaks but I crossed the finish line in what I thought was just under 34 minutes so I was pleased it was better than yesterday.  However I did need to head right to the medic to get an ice pack for my foot.  I met up with Lorena and Purple to see how their runs went and was so excited for both of them!!  Lorena killed it with a great time and so did Purple.  I also think they both had a great time and I was so excited to be there with friends. We remembered to take a finish line photo. BONUS!
I am such a proud mama bear <3 Dont mind the ice pack and mess by my foot LOL
 361 30/59 150/336 GIGI BECKER 39 F HUNTINGTON NY 33:49 (gun) 10:53    33:15(chip) YAY Chip Timing :)

It hurt a lot but I was back on track of my usual 5k time so all in all I was pleased.  Granted I am struggling to do this but in a way that is a good shows me that I was not pushing hard enough before so if I keep pushing I will get to that sub-30 5k eventually!!

After the race I headed to the bagel store to pick up breakfast.  On my way back to my car I realized something....even if you don't know me if you look in my car you can tell I am a runner.  Not because of the 13.1 sticker on my window but because of my mess inside HAHA.

Hundreds of tiny safety pins, earbuds and my Garmin.

2 banana peels, a banana, ice pack, 2 waters, race bib, race shirt and a stinger waffle.
 I wanted to head back to yoga tomorrow but all of Long Island seems to be shutting down.  I hope it is not as bad as Irene was last August, we were without power for almost a week.

So how was everyone's weekend?  
Does your car give you away as a runner? 

Friday, October 26, 2012

Well it is officially "ON" now isnt it?

I mentioned in a previous post that my 2013 running goal is to get into the Half Fanatics.  To do this I need to do 3 half marathons in a 90 day period.  Well these have all been found and registered for.

First on March 23, 2013 is The All State Half Maraton.  This runs through Flushing Meadows Park in Queens.  This is where the 1939 and 1964 Worlds Fair were held so the course is going to be so cool.  Plus the bling looks pretty cool.

Then a mere 15 days later is the Atlantic City April fools Half Marathon.  I am hoping a bunch of people will join me on this one and we can have a fun weekend in AC with a run thrown in.  I do have one concern, the course is 6.5 miles in one direction and then turn around and come back.  This could be boring buuuuuut it looks like it is along the boardwalk and water so it may still have great sights.  And bling with a jester on it WIN!

Then the 3rd and final one (not ever I am sure but the last one to get me into the fanatics) will take me into Ohio for The Flying Pig Half Marathon.  This originally was going to be my first full marathon but I will not be ready.  I will do at least one full marathon but not until the end of 2013 or 2014.  Luckily Tom and I have friends that live 1/2 hour from where this event is held so we will fly out for a visit too!  This seems like it is one of those awesome events where the whole city gets involved in some way.  I have heard about nuns dressed like pigs......and it is TRUE!!!!!

So is anyone doing any of these?  Lets party!!!!

Race Schedule.

So for most of last fall and this year I have run a race just about every weekend and once the weather got nice I upped it to 2 in a weekend.  I had to take care to not do 2 in a weekend during the Summer Series of runs because those were Monday nights!

I have decided to take that down a notch!  I looked at the schedule and (after this weekend) I will only do ONE race per week.  I might even take a weekend off here or there.  *GASP*  I will be upping my training runs for the 10 Miler in January and also the All State half in March, the Flying Pig half in May and which ever one I put in the middle of that to ensure me accomplishing my 2013 running goal of getting into the Half Fanatics.

So I went through my schedule excel spreadsheet....What? You don't keep your race schedule in a color coded Excel spreadsheet???  I have 2, One for upcoming races and one for races after they have been run which included time (chip and net is avail), pace and if I had run it before my previous time and pace are listed and also the difference....I picked my favorite races and deleted the others.

Have you ever had to make a big change to your "running lifestyle"?  How obsessive organized are you with your race schedule?  What do you do with your bibs?  I have bibfolios with the bibs and on the bibs are the date and time and if I find a pic on line or in GLIRC's Footnote magazine I put that there too.

And since I do not like to make a blog post with out at least ONE photo I will take a cue from Adam at The Boring Runner and do Funny Foto Friday....

There is a really REALLY good chance I will buying this shirt.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Getting ready to get back to it.

So the side my foot is pretty much healed I think.  I say "I think" because I have not run again since Sunday.  I did go to yoga on Monday which was AH..MAZE..ING we did a lot of twists and binds which I love and I did OK even after a few weeks off of my mat. 

I even got into crow a few times!!!
Yesterday I had a bunch to do after work so no running.  Plus my stomach is a total mess!  The past few days have been full of food and sweets!!!  I guess  my birthday was 5 days long :)  So I think that may have been a bit of why I didn't have as much stamina during my test run.

Today I went to the podiatrist and go the shots in between the toes for my neuromas and for some reason - I am not complaining - they did not hurt that bad and my feet did not go numb.  Now I am not sure if that is a good thing or not but I'll take it.  I will get some yoga in again tomorrow and maybe a short run but I will get a short run in for sure Friday before my 2 5ks this weekend.  Only thing is that there is going to be a wedding at my house this weekend and I am doing the baking for it but I really want to course PR on Saturday I am not going to lie :)

Plus running along the water and over this bridge on a nice day will be so pretty, last year it was an ice storm so I ran looking down quite a bit LOL

Brightwaters is so pretty,

I hope all my running friends who are running the MCM this weekend have an AMAZING time and I can't wait to hear all about it!!!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Birthdays and running goals....

Well today is my 39th birthday.  The start of my last year in this age group when it comes to running.  Funny how mind sets change when you start running. LMAO

When I started running 5ks my very first goal was to run a 5k from start to finish (walking through water stops was allowed) by my 38th birthday.  On 10/23/2011 I turned 38 and I ran a 5k that day without walk breaks.  I also reached a smaller goal I had set after my 2nd 5k which was if a 5k was a 2 loop course I would not be lapped and have ANYONE finish before I finished my first lap.  It was close but I did both.

Seriously look at the size of my ass!!  
What running goals have you set for yourself?  Have you accomplished them? 

Monday, October 22, 2012

Dipping my toes in the running water.....

Well It was exactly 14 days and 7 hours since I finished my half marathon injured and I was getting dressed to try to run.  I kept telling myself that if it hurt I *HAD* to walk for a bit and if the pain stopped I could run again or if it kept hurting I would stop and that was not a failure it just meant I was not yet healed enough to do this.  1/10 of a mile or the 3.1 miles I was planning were both a step in the right direction.  I decided to do it on my treadmill so if the pain got bad I was not far from home.  I also know the snow is coming so there may be more indoor running so I needed to get my garmin footpod calibrated.

Don't mind the no makeup/tired face it has been a long but super fun few days.

I started out with a super slow walk for the first 1/2 mile at 4mph then I ran the second 1/2 mile very slow at 5mph.  Went OK, I was very aware of where I was sore and I think I was forefoot striking out of a fear of the pain.  I tried to correct my stride but the more I tried the worse it seemed to get.  It was either fore foot striking or over-pronating.  I wonder if I have been over-pronating this whole time???  That could explain the pain on the side of my foot and I now know my feet have minds of their own and avoid running where it hurts maybe I over-pronate to avoid the neuroms????  I really need a gait analysis!

I paused to see if the calibration was off on my watch and it was so I hit the calibrate button and ran the next mile again at 5mph.  The neuromas started hurting pretty bad as I closed in on 1.5 miles but that is the norm.

I tried to ignore that with my second favorite ever scene of the Big Bang Theory.  BAZINGA

Funny all the stuff from my failed fueling practice run are still on my treadmill with the schedule I set.

Another fun distraction was Horatio...he did not like the treadmill at all but as per usual he must be with me at all times when I am home so he did what he does a fat cat.

Fat cat is actually not that fat but is that fluffy!  But he preferred the weight bag over the treadmill.

The last mile I walked at 4mph for the first half then went to 5mph for the last .62 miles.  Not a good time by any means....however faster then my first 3 or 4 5ks ever. Edit- I just checked it is faster than my first NINE 5ks!!   I do think my stamina dropped a bit or it could be that for the past few days my sister in law has been up from Florida visiting for my birthday and we have been eating crappy food like there will be no more food in the world soon or we are bears getting ready to hibernate so my fuel was not as it should be, but even a slow run/walk I was sweaty and tired.

Either way I call it a success!  I am doing 2 5ks this weekend.  I have been looking forward to both for a long time so I am not going to skip them but I am promising myself to take it easy.  This will be harder on Saturday since it is a race I have run before and you always want to PR the course if not PR the distance.  Last year I ran this one with my friend Matt and it was a freak ice storm so I want to see what I can do in nice fall weather.  I will try an outdoor run probably Wednesday and I am going to yoga tonight (THANK GOODNESS) so I will know better after that how hard I should go out on Saturday.  Sunday's run will be the first one for my friend The Jogging Jawa so I HAVE to be there but as I have never run this race if I walk the whole thing it will still be a course PR.  I just don't think I will have the control to walk it unless I have someone to walk with.

Next question is weather or not I want to get weighed in at Weight Watchers tomorrow.  I still feel the Melting Pot food up to my ribs from my birthday dinner last night and tomorrow being my actual birthday who wants to hear how much weight they gained????

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Yr Bud giveaway!

One of my fellow bloggers that I have been following for a while is having a yr bud review and giveaway.  Check it out and stay for the blog!!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Pop Quiz Hot Shot....

Who knows the movie????

Since I have been off my feet for just over a week I had nothing new to write about so I stole a quiz from my new blogging buddy over at From Icecream to Maraton (you see why we get along) So please answer one of these questions or if you answer them on your blog let me know so I can check it out.


 Running Pop Quiz! 
1. FUEL: Shot Bloks, GU, Energy Chews, Candy or Other?

I have used GUs during evening races after I have eaten "real" food during the day, I do not think I would be able to eat a delicious chocolate outage GU first thing in the morning.
So for mornings I gave been eating Honey Stinger waffles if anything other than my usual breakfast.

 2. Race Length: 5k, 10k, 1/2 Marathon, Marathon, Ultra or Other?

So far my favorite is 10k.  5k I am just not fast enough and I don't actually get into a flow and enjoy running until 3-4 miles.  I can see the appeal of the half marathon but I am not up to that distance....yet.  I also LOVE mud runs.

 Joanne and I after the Dirty Sock 10k

3. Workout Bottoms: Skirts, Running Shorts, Capris, Pants or Other?

In the summer my new favorite are Athleta Hana 2 in 1 shorts.  They are shorts but have built in under shorts that stop the chub rub problem. 
I would die for that belly!

In cold weather I love my Brooks Utopia thermal pants.  They are not bulky and yet keep you warm.

Fabiana and I during the winter run series last December.  Both wearing the Utopia pants.
4. Sports Drink: Gatorade, Powerade, Cytomax, you stick to water when you run or Other?

For during the run I stick to water.  As I up my mileage I will have to try new things like GU brew or Nuun.  I did try a nuun once and i was not thrilled by the taste.  For before and after I love chocolate coconut water.

It is like healthy yoohoo!

 5. Running Temperatures: HEAT or COLD?

Cold for sure...I hate HATE hate running in the heat! 

 6. Running Shoe Brands: Suacony, Mizuno, Nike, Brookes, Asics or Other?

Brooks glycerine 9s have been the best for me and my neuromas.  I do have Brooks Ghosts GTX for rain, trail and snow runs.  I have a pair of mizunos too that I like.   I have recently tried some Newtons but I am not happy and will probably return them.

Once they came out with the 10's I knew I had to stock up on the 9s!


 7. Pre-race meal: Oatmeal, Bagel, Banana, Eggs, Cereal or Other?

Oatmeal or bananas.  I have learned that I should never EVER try anything else. 

 8. Rest Days: 1x per week, 2x per week, never ever ever or Other?

I have never had a set number of rest days just when ever I didn't feel like running or didn't have a yoga class, it was usually 1 day a week.  Once I start following a training plan I think it will be 2x

 9. Music: Have to have it or go without it? 
I could never run without music or a podcast.  I still hate running so I need some sort of distraction.

10. #1 reason for running: stress-relief, endorphins, you love to race, so you can eat all the cupcakes you want, weight-loss, love running for social reasons or Other?

I started to run to lose weight and get healthy and I am still trying to achieve both....and I can also eat more candy now :)

Another major reason is to meet new friends and hang out and do something fun and healthy with new and old friends.
Fabiana and I at her 1st (my 3rd) 5k
Starting line of the 50 mile Ocean to Sound Relay

Running a 5k in an ice storm with Matthias
Seriously one of the hardest trail 5ks ever

Motley Shues..Running with the Wrong Crowd.  A fun running group that I started.

 QOTD: Answer 1 or more of these questions!! Let me know if you answer this quiz on your blog, so I can get to know more about you too!

Monday, October 15, 2012

Too Soon???

So I have had a busy few days.  Baked 150+ cupcakes for a friend's wedding plus a cake for them to cut.  I was also the best man in the wedding.

 Rock Star wedding....on the stage of the Knitting Factory in Brooklyn.

So I spent all day yesterday relaxing because I got sick.  I think it is a combination of lack of sleep, the change in weather, stress and not being able to run.  One of my running friends said she gets sick when she can't run and so does her mother in law who is also a runner.  I got my cast wet in the shower today so I had to take it off, my foot feels better with out it on so I may not get it put back on.  I walked a bit this afternoon and it is feeling OKish.

Annnnnnnnnnnnnddddd my foot felling better and the wonderful running weather I am missing out on right now made me do this......
That's right I registered for a half marathon in March 2013 and for the Diva next year.  Depending on when it it is I may register for the Long Island half too or maybe the Brooklyn half to make sure I get in the the Half Fanatics.  I have the Flying Pig half marathon in May.

Would you register for 2 expensive races while still off your feet due to injury?

Saturday, October 13, 2012


When I first started running....ok walk/jogging I wanted to follow a C25K plan but I just couldnt do it.  So I would just run when I could.  I downloaded a bunch of apps on my iphone and just played with them.  One I was super excited for was Zombies, RUN! 

At first it was pretty cheesy just a silly story playing while you ran with an occasional zombie chase which went by your gps to see if you got caught or not.  Over the past year they have updated a bunch of things and also have integrated it with other apps and you can check out your runs and stuff on line.  I decided a while back that I was going to redo the adventure since I finished it and the next update is not for awhile. 

Well as anyone who is in a 50 mile radius of my knows I got hurt at the Diva...I have been bitching and moaning about it non stop.  Well Six to Start, the company who came out with that game just came out with a 5k training plan with Zombies.  Now I know I have run a bunch of 5ks but I am going to be a few steps back in my progress when I am up and running again and I want to take it slow as to not get hurt again in either the 10 mile brewery run in January or the All State half in March or the Flying Pig half in you can see I am still registering for races LOL.  I have also set my 2013 running goal.  I have been pretty good at setting realistic goals and hitting them.

2011 -  Run a full 5k.  Done on my 38th birthday on 10/23 at the Tangar Outlet 5k.  I did walk through the water stop but I cant run and drink.

2012 - Run 52 races.  Well I hit that with the Cow Harbor 10k on Sept 15th.

2013 - Become a Half Fanatic.

So I know to be able to do this with out getting hurt again I should probably regroup.  I will start with the 5k Zombie training plan and then move on to my Jeff Galloway 13.1 training plan.

What are your 2013 running goals?

Thursday, October 11, 2012


I read a blog called Shut up and Run and she is having a give away for yrbuds.  Check it out!!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Ok so now I am freaking out.

I went to the podiatrist to get the shots for my neuromas.  I told him about my foot pain from the Diva and after a quick exam now this is what I have.

It is some sort of soft cast that is medicated to try and ease the inflammation.  I know that it is a very simple fix and not a big deal at all but I have to keep off my feet for 2-3 weeks minimum.  In the big picture I know that is no big deal but my fear lies in that I won't start again.  One of the reasons I do so many races is to keep me running.  Also what if when I go back to running I am back to square one?  Will I give up?  That is my usual MO.  At the same time maybe a break is just what I need. And the cast kept the shots away so that is a huge plus :)

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

They say hindsight is 20/20 right?

Who is 'they' anyway?

Ok so I feel better, I have bragged, posted, blogged and talked about my very first half marathon to everyone and anyone who would listen weather it was by choice or not is not important they listened to my stories.  In doing this I have compiled a list on how to make my next half marathon better.  As of now this will be the Flying Pig half marathon in Ohio.  I am registered for the full as of now but I will not be ready in time at least mentally.  I need to have at least 1 good half under my belt to help me believe I can do it.

1.  I have never been good at following schedules/plans but I think I need to follow an actual training plan for the next half marathon.  I have down loaded the Jeff Galloway 13.1 plan for my iphone.

2.  I will follow my own advise.  I gave Nadia suggestions on fueling and they seemed to help her and yet I did not follow them and my belly paid the price.

3.  I will not break some of the basic running rules.  ie. upping my mileage more than 10% at any time, trying new foods the morning of a race...ect.

4.  I will run many more long runs and practice fueling with gus/beans/chews during these runs and find what is best and follow that plan on race day. I will also practice running with a fuel belt so I can try different drinks and  use them on race day.  I did drink water at every stop and gatorade when offered but I think this was another reason for my belly 'issues'.

5. I will not run my nike+ on my iphone at the same time as the music/podcast so my battery won't die before the race is over (granted it died at 2:30 so if my finish before 2:30 I won't have to worry LOL)

Any other suggestions?


Well I spent the WHOLE day on the couch yesterday, relaxing.  I still had a bit of a hang over feeling but all in all I felt good.  I had that "I did something awesome and hard" sore muscles.  The one concern I have is my right foot.  I am having a hard time walking because the outer edge is a bit inflamed and swollen but it only hurts when I walk on it. 

I was bummed that Tom had to go to work but I did have the best rotating company all day long.




Siberian cats are awesome for keeping you happy and warm.  If you live with someone allergic to cats as I do you HAVE to get one or a million of these cats.  They are hypo allergenic and an amazing breed.  Siberian Cats

I have an appointment tomorrow with my podiatrist for my biweekly neuroma shots so I will have him check out the side of my foot too but I am pretty confident that it is due to the fact that I broke the #1 rule to training.  DO NOT UP YOUR MILEAGE MORE THAT 10%.  Well I think 50% is a tad over that LOL so after a rest I will be fine.

I am the best man in a wedding this weekend so no racing.  I have 2 virtual runs on my schedule but they are both have week long windows to run so I will push them off until the last day of each and just walk it if I have to on the treadmill.  My next road races are not until 10/20 (5k) and 10/21 (4miler).  Lets just keep our fingers crossed I don't have to stay off it longer than that.

We received an email today of our official race photos and I do not hate mine, even though the photo stop at mile 12.25 was right in the middle of my wish for death I was able to look up, smile and wave so I actually bought one of those and also a finish line one because even though it wasn't good it was my first half marathon so I needed one! I usually just have one of the graphic artists at work figure out how to get the picture off the page but I wanted "real" ones for this.  The photo company also had a Finisher Certificate you could save and print too which is cute.

Then on my Starbucks run I remembered the stickers I had my friend at work make and made it OFFICIAL!