Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Why I started to run......

At the end of 2010 I was getting fat...the biggest I had ever been.  It was because of a few things, I was sick with thyroid problems and I pretty much gave up so I was eating crap and eating a lot of it!  I was also not doing anything active.  I have had thyroid issues since I was 16 and starting then my weight would go way down, then way up, then way down...ect.  I was not only sick but I dabbled in crazy diets that came very close to eating disorders but I don't think I ever crossed over the line to a full on disorder because it was never about control for me I just wanted to get skinny and I knew no other way or really I was just too lazy.

 July 2004 about 127lbs (I am 5'8" so now I get that it was too thin...yet some how I still thought I was fat)

Wedding Day 2/29/08 and Honeymoon in Jamaica 3/08 approx 150lbs and I thought I was HUGE....I dream to get back to that weight now!

I just kept getting bigger from there until THIS happened........

New Year's Day 2011, Approx 198lbs, don't I look thrilled at getting my picture taken (I was still pretty sick in this picture but I missed out of Christmas due to the radioactive iodine I was not missing out on New Years Too)

It was a downward spiral, then in March I was down in Florida for my husband's grandmother's 100th birthday.  I couldn't find anything to wear, and then at the party I hid in the back of the family photos.  I realized right then it was time to do something. It was an AMAZING day and all I wanted to do was hide.

I had gained 70 pounds since I met my husband in 2004 and 40+ of them were since my wedding in 2008.I had already gone through my treatment for the my thyroid (again) and was on the mend so now it was all just diet and lifestyle.

I did what I said I would never do, I joined weight watchers on April 4th 2011.  I started losing weight but it was slow, as it should be when you are doing it the right way I have now learned.  I have always been a yo-yo dieter and even when I was thin I was "Skinny Fat" so this time I wanted to do it differently.

Ok so my very first 5k was 5/22/11.  It was the Weight Watchers "Walk-it Challenge".  Now other than just over a year of playing Roller Derby for the Long Island Roller Rebels I had not done anything physically challenging since high school. Maybe a stint or two at the gym but it never lasted long.

Man I miss roller derby..it was so damn fun!!!  These pictures are from 2006 when I was about 135lbs.

I planned on just walking but once I got started I figured I would try to run too.  I would just run when I could for as long as I could, then walked a bit then ran again.  I finished 44:40 and placed 122 out of  834 people.  I thought I was just so awesome and that running was not so bad after all.  As soon as I got home I registered for a 5k on my birthday 10/23 and set a goal to be able to run the whole 5k by then (Accomplished!!!).  I also signed up for a 5k the following weekend.  When I got there I almost left, OMG these people were not weight watchers!!!  OMG people were just so fit and they were running to get ready to run.....all I could picture was coming in last place.  Well I didn't leave I set out with my walk/run/walk/run 5k.  It was 2 laps of the park, 3/4 of my way done with my first lap I started getting passed by the fastest runners and before I even got to the end of my first lap I started hearing the cheers for the people finishing....it hurt to have to run past and know I had to do that AGAIN..... I was not last and I took just about a minute off my time....seems small but it was huge for me.  I just kept signing up for races, at first it was 1 or 2 a month and by the end of the year it was 1 or 2 a week.  I also got some friends to join me so that was fun (except that most people were faster than me and that hurt my ego LOL)  I have to just keep reminding myself that the only person I am competing against is ME so as long as I just keep getting better I am winning.

That is me in white on the left at the start of the Walk it Challenge 5/22/11 189lbs

3rd 5k ever June 4th 2011 188lbs

The thing is I hate running.  I just love the sense of accomplishment and also how I feel after I am done running.  I also know that I am stubborn so the fact that my body is fighting me with these Neuromas makes me want to do it more and if I sign up for a race I will go 99.9% of the time (I missed 1 for a migraine and 1 for horrible weather)

I didn't even skip a 5k on the water in a Nor'easter that hit NY last October.  Running in the ice was actually a lot of fun.  Even Matthias ran with me that day.

Matthias and I at the Brightwaters Pumpkin Run 10/28/2011 177lbs (it is blurry because it was raining ice)

When I saw this picture I realized something else, even thought I had "only" lost 20 pounds I was in better shape that I had ever been in and I needed to keep on running!!!

I completed 30 races (27 5ks, 2 4ks and a mud run) in 2011 and I set a goal to run 52 races in 2012.  Well as if today 9/25/12 I have run 54 with many still on the schedule.  They are mostly 5ks but these was a couple of 10ks including The Great Cow Harbor Race.  The most fun was The Spartan Race and it was the hardest.  This past weekend as you know from my last post was Ocean to Sound Relay where I ran 6.5 miles.

Me and my weight are still fighting....I have been stuck in the 160's since MARCH!!!!!!  But I keep getting better and my clothes are fitting better so I have to try to stop worrying about the scale but after 38 years that is much easier said than done.

 True Story!!!

  New Year's 2012, 1 year and 30lbs later I was in such a better mood.  I wonder what this year's picture will be like :)



  1. Amazing! Keep at it! I can't wait to see what 2013 brings for you! :o)

  2. You've run a crapload of races!! I'm in it with you on the Diva Half! I can't believe I just realized who you are! We're friends on Daily Mile, I know you from LI running, and following Katie! Too funny!