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Ocean to Sound Relay 9/23/2012

Race - Ocean to Sound Realy
Time - 6:45am
Where - Jones Beach
Distance - 50 miles split into 8 legs.

I figured my first post/recap should get me started with a bang and a huge all day event is a great way to start dontcha think?

So a few months ago I got the flier put on my car at one of the many local 5ks.  It didn't have too much info but it seemed new and exciting.  I of course googled it and got some info.  It was a run across Long Island from Jones beach on the south shore to Oyster Bay train station 50 miles north of the beach.  This run was split into 8 legs that varied from 5.4 miles to 7 miles.  So I found 7 other ladies from Motley Shues who were willing to try this out with me.  We had 2 Super Shues as I call them Christine and Nicole, then I tricked asked  Lisa (who looks just as perfect after she is done running as she does when she starts and is pretty fast) to join the run by volunteering my husband to baby sit her 4 kids while she ran a leg that was close to her house.  Then there is Jodi, Diane and myself who had done some runs and could hold our own, Manda who had just started running and Laura who hadn't run for awhile but was getting back into it.

All seemed to be going great until about a week before the relay.  First Laura fell hard while roller blading along the bike path at Jones beach.  Then Jodi got an upper respiratory infection and Manda pushed herself too hard in a pre relay training run and hurt her ankles pretty bad.  Even with their issues everyone was putting on a brave face and hoping for the best come relay day.

The Monday before we had a planning meeting at Christine's office, mapped out the course and assigned the legs.

Wednesday came and my bi weekly podiatrist appointment to get the shots in my feet for my Morton's Neuromas.

 I was going to put a picture here of a foot getting the injections but it hurts and no one really wants to see injections in feet.

For some reason this week was so much worse than usual, there was just so much blood and the bruising and soreness was killing me.  I read a few forums with people discussing good running shoes for running with neuromas and a few suggested Newton Terra Momentus and since I had to go to Runners Edge to pick up the packets for the Relay the Friday before and I had a 20% off coupon from another race I figured I would try them out.  Especially since Newton is doing a "Try for 60 days and return if you are not happy" event right now.  I got those and also Newton Gravity to try.  My feet still hurt when I got home but I just had to try one pair out and I had a 5k Saturday morning and I run better if I ran the day before.  I put on the Momentus because that was the one people seems to rave about.  Well for the first mile my feet felt great and I was getting excited thinking maybe I finally found the magic shoe.....but then came mile 2 and the pain started and just kept getting worse with each and every step.  I had to cut my run short at 2.25 miles and I could barely walk the rest of the night.  I wore my old Brooks for the 5k because even though they are well over 250 miles and have a few holes they are the best shoes I have had so far.  I ended up with my second best 5k time to date.  32:50 (last year at the same race I got 39:43 so I am pleased.) My feet were in bad shape but I did it and decided to wear my orthodics all day Sunday until I ran my leg to try and keep the pain as minimal as possible.

Ok so I got everything packed and ready Saturday night and headed to bed around 9:30 since my alarm was set for 4:30am.

Day of the Relay:

4:10am my phone is Super Shue Nicole, she threw her back out and was not able to run.  I felt so bad for her she was so upset and I will be honest I was a bit panicked about who was going to run her leg and also upset as I was looking forward to spending the day with her since I don't get to see her much.  So I got all my stuff and Tom and I headed out, he dropped me off at Christine's on his way to Lisa's to babysit.  Christine also had a crazy day by the time I got there and it was only 5:40am!!!!  The rest of the Shues got there and we packed up Christine's van, picked up Lisa and headed to Jones Beach for the early start for slower teams.

We got to the beach just as the sun started coming up it was so pretty but very cold and windy.  We got Lisa set up at the start line with her number and the timing chip bracelt that is used in place of a baton for the handoffs between runners.

From Left to Right:  Jodi, Diane, Me, Christine, Laura, Lisa and Manda.

Lisa getting ready to run.

After the start gun went off we all had a quick bathroom break and headed out still not too sure how a relay worked.  We saw a bunch of the support vehicles stopped along the parkway where the bike path that the runners were running on came close to the road.  We saw Lisa cheered and offered water all she could say was something along the lines of "Fucking Wind".  We went up the road a couple of more miles and waited again gave some water and then went to the park where the first hand off was.  

Lisa finishing super strong after the longest run she ever did!  I told you she looks perfect always....I don't even think she sweats.

Laura getting ready to see if her ribs were going to let her do this.  She was still hurting really bad from her roller blading fall.

We were heading out of the park when we saw what we all were fearing Laura was just about out of the park but she was practically doubled over in pain.....there was just no way she was going to be able to finish 6 miles in this condition.  So we made some quick decisions and Lisa headed out to do about 2 more miles, we headed up the road and Christine ate a granola bar and drank some water while changing into her running clothes, we then brought her to Lisa and we switched off.  We dropped Lisa off as Christine did the last 3.5 miles of leg 2.  She called it her "warm up" This is one of the many reasons she is a Super Shue.  Here is where I started to freak out becasue the traffic was INSANE due to the traffic being interrupted for the runners to cross the highways and streets of Massapequa.  We hadn't seen Christin yet and I was afraid that she was going to get to the hand off before us.  We finally saw her, almost got side swipped just before the park.  We finally got there with about 2 minutes to spare.  Without a chance to streatch Jodi was off into the Bethpage Park bike path. 

No time for photos so please imagine a picture of Christine finishing and Jodi posing for a before picture here

Most of this leg is in the park so we couldn't stop until about mile 4 or so to cheer her on.  We grabbed some bagels and found the 4 mile marker.  She was doing great when we saw her and headed to the change off.

Jodi finishing her leg...why did they make it uphill??  Mean!

Manda getting ready for Leg #4

Manda headed out and we headed to get gas and to my house because I forgot to put my contacts in before I left and I can not run in glasses.  After that quick detour we headed to the 4 mile mark of Manda's leg which was just before a crazy down hill stretch.  She was looking good even if she was hurting pretty bad.  We then headed to the hand off point which unbeknown to us Manda tripped at the bottom of the hill but just kept going...what a freaking trooper!

Still smiling even as she was practically hobbling (again uphill..WTF?) to the hand off.

Diane getting ready for leg #5...the beginning of the hilly legs of the north shore.

We were only able to stop once for Diane pretty early on in her leg because we had to meet up with the "Pinch Runner" we had coming in to run leg #6 for Nicole.  It was not a simple task for our runner.  It was Brian, Christine's husband.  He had to do a 20 mile marathon training run so he had to pack up their 3 kids and meet us in Huntington.  We got there and also had a nice visit from another Shue, Regina and her daughter Jada came bearing a great sign to cheer us on.  Thanks again G!!!
 Diane coming in so strong!!  How she ran 6 miles with no music/podcast is so strange to me.

Brian saying Bye to his kids and heading someone about to run 20 miles can smile like that is beyond me.
Off he went and we were not in 2 vehicles.  We made a quick stop to cheer him on but he is just so darned fast we had to get to the next hand off quick since his leg was also the shortest.  The next hand off location was right in center of Cold Spring Harbor's Main St. and they were having some sort of festival as all north shore towns are known to do so it was such a cluster fuck of traffic that Christine jumped out and we had to move on so again 
Imagine a picture here of Brian finishing and then Christine taking off for her leg (Brian kept going with her also) 

Leg 7 was labeled as the hardest leg and it was also the longest.  7 miles of insane hills.  So we headed to around the half way point to cheer Christine and Brian on.  The kids got a kick out of seeing their parents running in a race.  We then headed to the final hand off which was my leg.
Since I was the one taking pictures I was not able to get the pictures at this hand of either....sorry
Imagine a pic of me getting ready to go and one of Christine (and Brian) finishing awesomely!  Thank you Christine and Brian for making up a lot of time for us!

Well I took off from the Syossett Woods and through the adjacent neighborhood.  Brian wished my luck and headed out ahead of me.  I am not sure if it was being in the car all day, not enough fuel or being up so early but I was having a real hard time getting into my groove.  Brian headed back in the other direction, I asked if he was OK.  He needed to add a few more miles because the 3 legs he was running with us were not a full 20 miles.  And yes he was still smiling like that guy in the race photo that went viral a few months ago yet better looking....yes I heart my friend's husband what of it? He is awesome.

Seriously who looks like this while running???

Anyway I was getting passed a lot at first then I was just running along on my own.  I refused to stop to walk even thought I really wanted to because I refused to have Brian come up behind me on mile 847 of his training run and I was walking after 2.  Just in time my Shues passed me and cheered me on, I need that so bad!  Unfortunately the people of Oyster Bay do not like it and have made it against the law to stop on the roads there so they were only able to stop once and then pass again.  My garmin kept buzzing because the gps kept going in and out but it was quick blips so it didn't mess with my time/distance too bad.  (it was off by just about .2).  Just about at the 4 mile mark I got a nice surprise of Dan, Niqui and Xander on the side of the road cheering THANK YOU!  They went up ahead and were waiting just about a mile from the finish with fresh water.  It was straight into the train station to the finish.  We did it!  

I was so excited when I saw the time was under 8 hours!!  I was then reminded we started 1 hour early so we finished just under 9 hours.  Either way I am so proud of us.  We had a bunch of hiccups but we never gave up.

After the race there was a BBQ so we all ate and then as we started getting cold and sore I called Tom to pick me up and we all headed home.  I showered and was asleep by 9pm HAHA

I know this was a crazy long post but it was a long day...most posts are not going to be this long I promise :)

Final Results:

141 Place

Leg - Time - Pace
1 - 1:03:30 - 10:35 
2 - 58:18 - 9:43 
3 - 1:20:44 - 12:49 
4 - 1:21:04 - 13:59 
5 - 1:11:25 - 11:32 
6 - 37:57 - 7:02 
7 - 1:01:14 - 8:45 
8 - 1:09:43 - 10:54
FINAL - 8:43:51 - 10:41

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