Monday, September 24, 2012

Blogger.....third time is a charm?

Ok so  the closest thing to a blogger I have ever been is Live Journal.  Anyone remember LJ?  Anyone still use LJ?

Well for awhile I was great at updating regularly but then came the short attention span days of MySpace, Twitter and Facebook.  I no longer have a MySpace account but I do have Twitter and Facebook.  I do not "Twitter" or is it "Tweet"?  "Twat"?  Who knows but I am TOTALLY addicted to my Facebook I will not try to lie and say I am not.  I do also love reading running blogs, even those written by people whose slow running is twice as fast as my fastest pace LMAO.  I did have a blog from my baking days called Sweetie Darlings but since I decided I no longer love to bake (Do not try to turn a much loved hobby into a job PLEASE) I do not keep up with the blog.

That brings us here.  I have been running regularly since May 22, 2011.  I have thought a few times of starting a blog but I am just not good at it.  I have started a little running group that I will discuss here on a regular basis.  We are called Motley Shues...Running with the Wrong Crowd.  This is MOST of us at the Color Run

I figured the best way to start was to do race recaps.  I may throw some talk of yoga in here now and again as I love it so very much and I do think it helps with my running.

I will warn you now when I write I tend to skip around a lot.  I should probably try to find a blog challenge that gives me a question a day to answer but it wouldn't start until October any way.