Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Blog Help....

Hey there fellow bloggers.  I could use some help.  There a a few things I can not seem to figure out or and just doing wrong.  I like to think of myself as pretty computer savvy but this is making me feel less than bright......

1 - How do I add tabs along the top to bring up other pages?  I want to add a Race Schedule page.  Got it!
2 - How do I add the "Like this on Facebook" link?  OK got it added, (Thank you Jogging Jawa) now how to get it to fit on the page, anyone?   Got it just without pics but that is OK :)
3 - For the Tough Chiks, I can't seem to get the little logo/link to work, how did you add it?  I just added a picture but I would love to link it.....  Thanks Aubrey!!
4 - I started this on my personal gmail/google account, if I set up a Running on Candy account can the blog be moved?  Woo Hoo I figured this one out myself! 

I am sure I will come across more but for now HAAALLLLPPP MEEEE!!!


  1. go to this page while logged into FB as RunsOnCandy

    put the blog URL in, change any options you want to, and hit "get code"

    Open the layout page and paste both chunks of code into a "HTML" gadget
    mine isn't perfect for my page, but I want to change the background anyway (I may poke you for help on that one)

  2. Actually I'm not sure if mine is working correctly, but that's the bones of how to do it anyway.

    1. I figured out the issue, you don't put the blog URL in, you put the FB page URL in

  3. For #3: Go to your blog Layout and Add a Gadget. It looks like you must have already to get the image loaded on your sidebar, but within that Gadget you can also add a web address. ~Aubrey~